The reason behind Linkin Park's devoted fans & a thanks to EVERYONE.

The other night I just decided to sit down, think of Linkin Park and write whatever came to my head.

This isn't a typical "omg i loooove LP" blog, this I believe is worth a read and I speak for every Linkin Park fan in it, not just myself. Let me know what you think.

Brace yourself because it IS long, but please spare a few minutes to read it.


Linkin Park.
The two words that have changed my life.
I admit, I’m not here to say how Linkin Park got me out of depression, but I’m definitely speaking for all those who have.
For me, Linkin Park have just formed me into the person I am nowadays. My personality, my vague taste for different genres…I’m proud to have been a Linkin Park 90’s kid than some boy band lover and now, 10 years later, I’m proud to still be that socially diverse outcast 'kid' that doesn't listen to typical "chick music".
As I said, I never had issues bad enough to say music saved my life, but I definitely give credit to Linkin Park for getting me through those angsty teenage years, which I admit weren’t exactly the best for me.
I remember listening to Linkin Park religiously, listening to a few songs over and over and over (By Myself, In the End and Forgotten in particular) and watching Frat Party at the Pancake Festival with the biggest, most genuine and definitely cheesiest grin on my face.
I might be 21 now; slightly (and only slightly) more mature and aware that there are bigger tragedies in this world than a scratched Linkin Park CD, but I am still sitting here, listening to that same band, having that same warm feeling of wonder and awe in my gut. I even watched Frat Party the other night and laughed just as much at the jokes as I did all those years ago.
Sure, anyone can say this about any band or singer, but what makes Linkin Park that little bit more AWESOME? ….and what makes this recount/thanks different to all the other corny Linkin Park love letters?
Well, for starters, Linkin Park have had always have a very broad style of music. Metal fans, rap fans, techno fans….pretty much ANYONE can listen to and ENJOY the sounds Chester, Mike, Joe, Brad, Rob and Dave create.
Secondly, out of all the bands that I have liked, I have not came across one that allows fans to literally get to know each band member individually. It’s easier to get emotionally attached to a band which allows fans to relate themselves to the band members, thus makes a much, MUCH deeper connection and a stronger love and appreciation for the music. This why I am genuinely happy for every single soul these 6 saints have saved.
The amounts of insight available to fans on Frat Party is really too much to ask for. There is nothing more generous a band can do than take every single one of their fans on a tour of their bus, show how many shoes Chester brings with him, Mike’s reaction to a random jogging guy, Phoenix’s mispronunciation of chicken fricassee…and of course Mr. Hahn’s eccentric way of eating cookies…(COOKIE TIME)
Linkin Park Underground is definitely worthy of a mention. It’s the best thing that has happened to Linkin Park fans. We really are the luckiest breed of fans in the world.
Thirdly, the lyrical content of all the songs. They are emotional, strong, beautiful, realistic without coming off as “emo” or anything. The composure of the music and how the words of the songs match is perfection, it really is.
When a band can make someone cry just from the music, that’s talent. The lyrics may be sad, but sadness in songs makes sad listeners feel understood. A counsellor can smile and nod understandingly, but Linkin Park’s music really gets into the souls of it’s fans. The term “eyes are the windows to your soul” is debatable, when just sitting here listening to A Thousand Suns is making me tear up.
It’s always interesting to see what bands get up to backstage and how everything is set up. Well, here is a brief description of what a fan is doing while all that is happening.
After 10 years, I have finally got the change to see Linkin Park live for the very first time in Adelaide, Australia. I remember feeling all nervous and restless just from watching Live in Texas, so I had no idea how intense it going to be.
Coincidently enough, this day was only 4 days ago and I still get teary at the thought of it. I remember getting to the Adelaide Entertainment centre with my friend at 7:30am and thinking what this day has in store for us. Nerves started bubbling in me, hoping my first Linkin Park concert would be worth the early wake up call, lack of sleep, butterflies in my stomach, $133 out of my pocket and a 12 hour wait or technically a 10 year wait. All I wanted was a good view and no assholes trying to start fights.
I remember trying to quiet down the crowd when sound check started, my ear plastered against the door, gasping in excitement whenever I heard Chester’s loud and prominent voice. I felt like I was 13 again. More people started to rock up, and me and my group of people were keeping a very accurate track of the amount and order of people. Nothing was allowed to go wrong with this night.
I remember the last 30 minutes left, everyone was freaking out if a last toilet trip was needed, me taking it a bit too far and debating if I should have a sip of coke in fear of losing my place for a toilet trip. But everything panned out well.
I remember being told not the run through the general admission area so taking humorously gigantic steps instead, I made my way to the front barrier. This was only my 2nd concert ever in my life and I was right at the front. So a 6am wake up call was certainly worth it. When they finally came on, the feelings that took over me are indescribable, perhaps the uncontrollable crying would explain a little bit of what was going on inside me. The feeling of finally being with the band that sculpted my life into what it is now is really too strong for any word.
I was bawling through every old song, especially In the End. Every word I screamed(or “sang”) out was just one massive release of all the tension of every day life. It was like heaven. Nothing mattered except for the 6 beautiful, talented men only a few meters in front of me.
Just one look from Mike Shinoda set me into hysterics, and when Chester walked down towards the crowd and stood right in front of me, I hugged him for a good 10 seconds….
Do I even need to explain?
Since I was about 11, all I have ever wanted was to meet this band I was madly in love with. Tell them everything I’m saying in this recount. That moment hasn’t come yet, but I’m going to get my word out one way or another, and if Linkin Park don’t get to read this, I hope for the devoted fans to read this and relate and/or agree to every word of this.
All my thanks go the fans of Linkin Park, we are the basis of this godlike band, if you weren’t here, Linkin Park wouldn’t be here playing for us, and I wouldn’t be here writing this.
All my thanks also go out to Linkin Park's crew including the LP street team, I have no idea what people of what profession you need to make ‘Linkin Park’ exist, but whoever you are, every cheer of every fan is also for you, whether they’re aware of it or not.
All my thanks go Chester, Mike, Mr Hahn, Phoenix, Brad and Rob.
Without you guys, I wouldn’t be half the person I am now. I might not play any instruments or write music, but you inspired me to live how I want to. And now that I’ve seen you live, felt you physically and emotionally, my life is almost complete.
I just want the chance to say this all to you in person.
Thank you EVERYONE who read this.
Much, much love

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Comment by Bubble Dragon on December 22, 2010 at 5:07pm
Yeh, it was an extremely lucky moment that he went in my direction, stopped right in front of me and went no further haha. We will meet them one day, in the LPU it's not that difficult. Just have to try and be positive :)
Comment by Bubble Dragon on December 17, 2010 at 7:58pm
They are amazing live. I can assure you you'll love it :)
And yes, they do have a DVD, it's called Frat Party at the Pancake Festival. It's pretty much interviews along with them doing stupid shit and being funny. Really worth getting!
Comment by AerisRose on December 16, 2010 at 3:25pm

I never realized that LP had a DVD, but now I'm thinking about putting it on my Christmas List! =D


I just want to also say I can relate to a lot of the things you said. I am going to the concert in Feb 2011 and, though I have like nose-bleed seats, I just can't wait to hear them sing live, and I am so excited. I hope to have the same awesome experience that you had too! =]





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