I'm not an avid blogger. I don't blog at all, actually.

This is my first and seeing as I'm about to turn 30 it may as well be one of those things 'to do' while I'm still in my twenties (right along with skydiving and bungee-jumping) ...


For me, it starts at Linkin Park's first Sydney show on Saturday 11th (Dec, 2010). I went with a couple of friends who weren't too familiar with the band - yes I know, I need new friends - but by the end of it, they were hooked.


It was absolutely awesome. The energy was INCREDIBLE that night and the crowd was AMAZING.


It didn't matter whether you were standing general admission or if you were seated up at the very back in silver reserved seating - everyone felt it that night and needless to say, nobody was sitting anyway. The stadium was packed, the air filled with humidity, and the atmosphere overwhelmed with heat and intensity because everyone was so pumped. This was in attribute to LP who most certainly did a great job delivering their set, showcasing songs from 'Hybrid Theory' to 'A Thousand Suns' - well done guys. As far as concerts go, this was definitely tops.


Four days later, the blokes were back in Sydney on Wednesday 15th (Dec, 2010) for their second International LPU Summit and Sydney show.


I met a few LPUers that day that I was supposed to meet up with, met some that I wasn't, and met others that were real characters - no names! I know I made a fool of myself, joking and clowning about as my new friends will testify so I'm sure there are some saying the same about me!


The Summit kicked off with spending some time on stage and checking out the band's gear as well as meeting the touring crew (funny blokes), followed by heading backstage where LPUers gained an insight into the varied and numerous factors that contribute to the amount of work and effort that goes on behind the scenes. Others were simply fascinated by the chairs LP sat on.





The night picked up when I and eight others managed to score an exclusive meet with the lead man himself, Chester Bennington. Crikey, I forgot how hot he is! I've been so blown away by his voice all these years that I totally forgot he was eye-candy, hahaha. Hanging out in a room, it was our chance to ask him anything we wanted; too bad we were all star-struck to ask him anything useful, lol. It was a good simple 'hang out' as you would with your friends, talking about life and experiences - just no beer or BBQ.


When our little group got back to the main room, everyone was ready for the Meet & Greet. This was the moment I'm sure a lot of people had been waiting for - to see the entire band up close or at least, their fave member. I know I have a soft spot for Brad and Rob. I could feel the excitement and a few nerves from just about everyone around me as they waited patiently for the guys of Linkin Park to make their entrance.




After everyone got a signing followed by a quick Q&A session with the band, Mike and Chester capped the Summit off with a couple of acoustic performances. Mike is an absolutely talented music genius. Chester has an incredible voice like no other. Did I mention he's hot?


So it's back out into the stadium for their second last show in Oz. I have just enough time for a ciggie and to meet up with five jealous friends who are violently trying to lick my hand after knowing I've shaken hands with Chaz & co., before the guys are back on stage, repeating an incredible performance like that of Saturday night. Apart from a different set list, different friends (except one- who was now prepared having attacked the albums I lent since Saturday's show), and closer front row seats ... everything else was the same - just as phenomenal, just as energetic. One thing's for sure - Sydney knows how to rip it up.


Hopefully everybody that attended the Australian Summit or shows had a blast; an amazing experience not to be forgotten anytime soon.


There are so many musicians and people who have a passion for music, like me, and I am ultimately inspired by the way music unites us and divides us, creates us and fortifies us, strengthens us and softens us. Linkin Park does that, what an inspiration.


Until the next tour,

Sez x





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Comment by Jess Connors on January 13, 2011 at 12:14am

that did bring back memories! it was such an amazing day! not only did we meet linkin park but i got to meet some lovely lp girls (as i call us haha). we should all meet up again soon and bring our photos! if i had the money i so would head over to america for the summit!

Comment by Melinda O'Connor on January 8, 2011 at 5:52am
Such a great blog. It brought back so many memories I actually got goosebumps! Thanks so much for meeting up with me, even though I was too lazy to walk to the pub after the tree planting. I am sure I made just as much of a fool of myself as you, but I put it down to nervousness at meeting new and wonderful people and excitement about the summit. Chester is such yummy eye candy, but I now have a huge crush on Mike too haha all thanks to the meet and greet :)
Comment by Maria Teresa Sguera on January 7, 2011 at 6:07am
I love this blog! it's really nice! :)
Comment by Sezza on January 6, 2011 at 9:45pm

Thanks, Nicholas :)

I received a confirmation for the M&G for their first Syd concert only a day or two before the show. However, I didn't end up going because I was attending the Summit a few days later and they wanted to give others the chance to meet LP, which was fair enough. I had a ball at the Summit, but I think that's just 'coz I was making an idiot of myself, lol.

I take it you're not going to the Chicago Summit ? I was plannin' on goin' but had probs getting flights and accomodation to work out ...

Good luck though !

Comment by Nicholas on January 6, 2011 at 8:46am

What a great blog post!  Thanks for this!  I can only hope that I am lucky enough to get a M & G pass.

Could you please tell me - how far in advance did you get your notice?  There isn't a Summit in Canada but only a M & G with the band.  So it may be different - just wanted to know how you where told that you were lucky enough to go!  Good on you mate for the Chester session!  That must have been incredible!

Nicholas from Canada!


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