The Linkin Park show originally scheduled for February 15th in Houston, TX at Toyota Center has been re-scheduled for Thursday, March 3rd. Tickets for the postponed 2/15 date will be honored. Fans who cannot attend the show on the rescheduled date can return their tickets for a refund. All refund questions should be directed to 866-4-HOUTIX.

Also, the show originally scheduled for February 17th in Dallas, TX at American Airlines Center has been rescheduled for Wednesday, March 2nd. All tickets for the postponed 2/17 date will be honored on March 2nd. For those unable to attend the March 2nd date, refunds will be available at point of purchase. Any questions should be directed to Ticketmaster customer service at 800-653-8000. Tickets are still available for purchase.

If you purchased your tickets to either of these shows through check your email over the next few days for details on how your ticket will be re-issued or if you cannot attend, how you will receive your refund.

Unfortunately, we are unable to reschedule the Washington DC, Uncasville, CT and Cincinnati, OH dates at this time. We sincerely apologize to our fans affected by these cancellations and thank you for your understanding. We are currently working on ways to make it up to you.

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Comment by Thomas on February 16, 2011 at 2:45pm

Why don't you  all give them some time, and stop complaining about the people in Texas getting OUR shows rescheduled. They didn't say they wouldn't reschedule, and they didn't say they would rescheduled.

"Unfortunately, we are unable to reschedule the Washington DC, Uncasville, CT and Cincinnati, OH dates at this time."  As others said, they may be trying to reschedule and just not saying anything about it. After all, I'm sure does take time and money to reschedule events like this. And even  on those "available" dates they could/should reschedule the three other shows, do you people know that they have actual lives and may not be able to perform on those days? Come on people...

Comment by Kristen Doherty on February 16, 2011 at 2:45pm
I wanna see you guys in CT. Reschedule PLEASE!
Comment by Acd Brn on February 16, 2011 at 2:37pm

Verizon Center, FedEx Field, DAR Constitution Hall, and Patriot Center (this doesn't even mention what's available in Baltimore).  If LP really was truly interested in playing in DC (the freakin NATION'S CAPITAL BTW) they could.  There are more then enough stadiums and they have almost two months off between the US and Europe tours.  I guess the fans in the NATION'S CAPITAL don't rate high enough for a reschedule.  So now we get to wait until maybe next year and hope that LP decides to tour the US two years in a row. I doubt they will.  They will still need to tour South America to support Thousand Suns.  Then of course comes vacation and the next studio album.  So in reality the NATION'S CAPITAL won't get a chance to see LP for probably 5 years.  LP, you guys need new management cuz this crew you have now blows.


Comment by Erin Moskal on February 16, 2011 at 2:20pm
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reschedule the CT concert!!!!
Comment by Kirley Silva on February 16, 2011 at 2:11pm
It could be that they're still working on it, but they didn't say it on the message up above that they are trying their hardest to re-schedule the other 3 dates. It simply looks like, hey , sorry , we are not trying hard enough so we have to add the word "unfortunately" and say sorry that it affected you and thanks for understanding!! We DON'T understand and we are not backing down, no one has given up hope. I seriously do not want to wait for a projekt revolution tour next year because this year it is not happening. They going to Europe until August-ish then probably getting back home and who knows what they will do after. A projekt revolution isn't nearly as neat and awesome as a show at a closed arena like Verizon Center. And it will be a sweaty, summer tour, not a real A Thousand Suns Tour concert, you guys understand what I mean? They might play the same set-list and all but it is just not the same. Imagine if you could go back in time, if you could only pick one, would you pick  Meteora Tour show at a nice place or go see them at Warped Tour or Ozzfest? We want to experience this special concert too, why should we have to wait when there's plenty of unbooked dates around march 3rd when they're done with Houston?
Comment by Alex kaylor on February 16, 2011 at 2:03pm
i was going to the washington dc concert and this was going to be my first concert ever. i live in southwest VA and was going to take a 4 and half hour drive there. i know that they are going to texas cause theres not as many people there but come on its DC! theres more people there which means more people got pissed off about the concert being canceled. im not criticizing linkin park they have been my fav band since i was 6, but i really think if anything they should have picked the bigger cities with more people going to them
Comment by Enigma Streetsoldier on February 16, 2011 at 1:50pm

@ Kirley Silva and others worried about the three yet-to-be-rescheduled concerts, you bring up valid points and I know how you feel (was very disappointed to see the Mohegan Sun concert was cancelled), but don't lose respect for them. I view Linkin Park as the best band ever not just because of their music, but because of their dedication to the fanbase. Don't worry, I'm sure they'll reschedule all the other concerts, they wouldn't let down so many people like that ("Remember you're loved, and you always will be!" from The Messenger), it's unlike them. But please don't complain, everyone, it's sort of selfish and impatient, you need to give them enough time to look over these things and get a logical date to reschedule. Plus, it's not all their fault they can't reschedule some yet, I guess those venues that were already rescheduled have a more flexible schedule to let them play there than the three cancelled ones which have yet to be reschduled. Be patient, and don't worry.



Comment by Rose Mays on February 16, 2011 at 1:39pm

I have to agree with Kirley Silva. You are right on. If they wanted to reschedule the Cincy concert, I know for a fact that March 6th through 10th is wide open. I haven't checked the Connecticut or Washington schedules but I am betting that it is possible to reschedule theirs as well. I am very disappointed in the way things are being handled. I too have lost some respect for the band because of the way we have been put on the back burner. My daughter ordered the tickets and she hasn't gotten one email informing her what is going on and how she can get her money back. We already know that they are not going to reschedule Cincy, US Bank Arena told us that on the phone. But they also told us there was never going to be a concert there back when they first listed Cincy on this website. I think we are to the point that we just want our money back and are ready to just move on, realizing that they are not concerned with how the fans of CIncy or Louisville area fans feel.

Comment by Kirley Silva on February 16, 2011 at 1:31pm
You guys in Texas shouldn't even be commenting. They picked you guys over DC, CT and OH because there;s not many people here, but still, why not give priority to us here in this area? This is plain unfair, and don't tell me there is not way you can schedule it to march, the 3 venues are unbooked on specific dates which would be PERFECT way to end the tour. You just not trying hard enough, A grammy winning rock band, the best one of the decade, has let its management act like they're sell outs? I have been a fan for at least 8 years of my life and thats close to half of my life, like many other people, we were really looking forward to this day. I am not blaming on Chester and I am happy he's feeling a lot better, but THERE IS  a better solution, but no on eis giving two shits about solving it because we are not Texas. I actually can't believe they would ignore playing a show at the nation's capital. People commenting from Texas are lucky to be living in a place like that, but there is no question that this is very unfair and there is a preference game being played. I will never stop being a Linkin Park fan, but I am deep down disappointed, and I have lost some of the respect and love for the band because of this.
Comment by Rose Mays on February 16, 2011 at 1:23pm
Again, when are they going to start sending emails in reference to getting your money back?


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