She's only about 4.5 lbs, a little Poodle Jackrusselle pup. My husband and I got her On Hallowwne 2010 form his brother.

She is the smallest and the Runt of the litter, the most daring too. Our main reason to get a secound dog was for Peanut, our little Chihuahua mix, whom we found on the streets a month after we move to Vegas. Before Peanut, I was all about the cats. Unfortunately the cat that opened my hear to animals was killed by a car 3 months before we found Peanut on the streets.

It was a hard transition for me, from knowing more about cats, and then here comes a dog. The hardest thing was Peanut seemed to have been abused, scared to eat, to releive it self, just afraid of EVERYTHING possible, it would brake my heart. Weirdest thing was when I place "Minutes t Midnight" one day, just sat on the floor... and then, here came Peanut. Walked up to me, licked my hand and rushed up to hide under the bed. That was the start, the start of helping him over come his fear.


When we got Luna, we where extrememly excited. We had so many plans for her, she was to be Peanut's side kick. To help him over come his fears of the world, to help him be a dog.... On Dec 21st, 2010, the vet told us she had two very dangerous heart problems. A PDA Heart murmur which is a hole in her heart, and Pulmonic Sterosis, which is where one of her main arteris that supplies much need healthy oxygynated blood to her body is narrowing due to her heart pumpping extra hard to keep her alive. Both problems had Medications that contradict each other so they can not give her or place her on medications. Our two options are let her live until her 1st birthday (If shes lucky), or pay the $4500 per surgery to fix each problem seperately.


Today, Feb 17, I wait and pray that the long awaited concert does not get cancelled. Simply because it will be my stress realiver, my time to just drain any tears out, to scream, to jump, to just escape. Come Monday, feb 21st, Luna goes into Heart Surgery. After that we will have to wait and hope that the Pulmonic Sterosis clears itself, that no 2nd surgery will be needed. I sold my first car to pay for this one surgery, I have nothing else to sell, nothing else.


Maybe posting this here is not the best thing to do, seeing how it is just an LP BLog, but I figured, their are pet owners out there. All I know is that LP music opened Peanut up to me, it has placed Luna to sleep when nothing else would, it has helped her calm down when she is super active.... this concert will mean HOPE for me. A Thousands Sun's will shine there rays of hope on Saturday at the MGM, when they do, I hope I take one home with me, to shine the light for Luna's heart to heal.

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Comment by noah khorey on February 17, 2011 at 8:34pm
Good luck


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