We all wish you would RE-SCHEDULED the canceled concert dates,and we all care about Chester and
Linkin Park. That goes without saying.All of us who had there concert canceled really felt bad
and wanted Chester to get better,but when management(etc) re-booked the 2 dates in Texas,and we the
other 3 canceled shows haven't heard a peep about us. This makes us feel like were less valuable (fans)
than Texas.To this date many of us have not even heard from topspin. We were suppose to receive an email in a couple days ,this never happened.For days we(canceled concert fans) waited for some kind of answer
from them to no avail.You would think topspin would be on this matter, without us trying to find out how to get in contact with them for some answers on how and when we are getting are refund or if they were considering
new concert dates. Instead we are left just to wonder what is going on. It make no since for topspin to not
have a CSR phone number.All the money spent on the 3 canceled concerts have been making interest
since we purchased the tickets,This money should be forfeited to one of Linkin Parks charities.
Please, everybody who feels the same,write below so this might be heard all the way to the top.


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Comment by connie rice on February 22, 2011 at 9:04am
i was really looking forward to finally seeing them in concert. I laid around bummed. I just wish they would reschedule. That was my Christmas present from my terminally ill mother. She wanted to make sure I got to see my favorite band in what we hope isn't her last year. She would like her money back, but she would rather get to hear me tell her how awesome the show was. She would rahter see me radiate with joy. I am tired of being in limbo about the situation. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Comment by K Turner on February 21, 2011 at 5:36pm
I'm still waiting for my refund too!  And growing less patient by the minute!  Topspin has HORRIBLE customer service!


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