For so long I've haven't shown my friends the real me. Now I have to face the punishment of them laughing at me behind my back and treating me like I have some sort of problem. I know this by how they talk to me. They talk to me like I have some strange problem and I've heard one of my friends yell at some1 right after they said "fuck you" to me and right before they started yelling at them they hugged me which tells me they do think I have a problem. I don't know how it started but I know it's happening. I've tried being myself but all that happened to me was getting laughed at in front of me even though they know I'm mad they still laugh at me. so I can't let people know the real me which is part of why I'm called  The Unown because you don't truly know me.

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Comment by The Unown on January 16, 2013 at 5:44pm

So anyway, I think it's time I got back to all of you on how far I've gotten with trying to be myself, I've done very well and have some great(and crazy) friends(one of which is now in a band with me), I've been feeling great about it, and hopefully I don't have too worry about having to hide my true self again. 

Comment by sabrina sa on June 24, 2011 at 10:24am

Darling, you are perfect ! Don't worry, you just have to know why you don't or can't show your real personality to others, it is because you don't trust them enough or you don't feel like  close  to them ? There is a lot of secret people in this world who will show their real part to just few lucky people, maybe these is a reason maybe not, just a question of personality ! Do what you are making you happy and avoid the fools, what is important is your opinion of you, not their opinion ! You are allowed to be yourself, don't scared because you are free to choose your own rules ! And if people are not agree with you, so what ? Carry on your way ! You will find your way ! you don't need them...1 good friend is already cool and better than 100 idiots :)


Comment by Ryan Voight on June 24, 2011 at 6:25am
I agree all the way with Persephonezkiss.
Comment by Megan Mercredi on June 23, 2011 at 10:04pm

I hide my personality allot,I constantly call myself down.and the only time I'm myself is when I'm talking to my tharapist or I'm on the internet.In my life I see myself as an ugly,retarded bitch.

But my tharapist says I'm Inteligent and have a good sense of humor,my father says I'm not ugly and that I'm very smart when I say I hate myself.But on the internet I can talk about what bothers me,But I still laugh.I'm myself on the internet only.But you shouldn't hide your personality.My friends say I need to see a tharapist because I'm crazy,and my dad thinks it's because I try to kill myself.I'm not crazy,and neither are you.I didn't try to kill myself,I was trying to live up to being what a girl is soposed to be,pretty and thin,so that I could be myself without feeling like I'm a weirdo for not being exactly like the other girls,Because unlike them I would be stronger than hunger or wanting to eat,and I thought that difference was what would give me strangth,But It's me just being myself that makes me stronger.there isn't anything wrong with just being you,and if they don't like it then isn't it their problem,not yours?

My friends treat me the same,I have one real friend,and we are exact opisites.

She loves Bieber and I love Linkin Park,I say Justin Beiber is stupid and she says linkin park is a dark band.But I'm okay with justin beiber.And she likes a few linkin park songs.No one is the same.we are all unique and it's what attracts people to hang out with each other.

Sorry if this has nothing to do with what you said,I was trying to provide my point.

But I may have forgotten what it was...

We are all wierd and crazy in some way,I guess it makes you stronger to be one of those people who just don't care what others think.

Comment by Persephonezkiss on February 28, 2011 at 3:02pm

I think itz really important that you sit and read this over and over until you believe this! THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH WHO YOU ARE! The wrong thing iz how ppl are treating you. You can't supress your personality to please otherz. I did that when I waz in highschool and all that does iz leave a huge hole in your soul. You end up walking around school, the mall and even your house az an empty shell of who you used to be, and the final result iz you acctually lose who you are. When ppl laugh at you, laugh back! make them think your crazy or lame...or crazy! Ppl don't bother crazy ppl because they are scared of them. But if you don't wan't ppl to be afraid of you just stay close to the ppl that you are sure trully care about you! You don't need alot of friendz you just need one good one. JUST1. I just wan't you to realize that when you start being yourself, people will realize how cool you are and will actually stand up with you against those loserz who are bothering you. Oh and one more peice of advice, never lower yourself to their standardz! Don't bully back laugh when they laugh at you, when they call you namez, say yeah I am so? and don't be afraid to reach out to an adult!


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