Wow that was hard! I say deleting, it's more de-activating. If I thought all my videos, pictures and friends were lost forever I wouldn't have done it.
In miss the LPU-ers group and being able to see what everyone is up to. My friends are joking round sayin they are gun a start a "Get Sarah back on Facebook" group. I told them only if they get 1000000000 people to join I'd do it!

This is a follow on from my LPU blog which I'm assuming is now deleted forever. ?
So I cba to introduce myself all over again but hey I'm Sarah, I'm a party animal and I miss my blog!!!

And all these updates are guna be coming from my iPad so forgive my spelling mistakes/auto-corrected mistake hehe :)

Someone say hi? I'm going keraaazy :S

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Comment by AerisRose on March 16, 2011 at 7:29am
Ah, you've come to the light side I see! (or dark side...whichever side you want to be on, as long as we have cookies and milk =D). I do not own a FB myself, nor do I plan to; my friends tell me constantly to make one, but I do not give in to the peer pressure XD Any reason why you got rid of yours? Just curious to know!

...though I do log onto my fiance's FB from time to time. Is that cheating? Maybe XP
Comment by Jamie McEwan on March 15, 2011 at 1:25pm
You still have your LPU account it seems as I can see what you posted here. That sucks about your facebook though, a few months back my facebook account got deleted without warning, no idea why. It sucked. lol I had to make a new one. add friends all over again I lost some pictures, etc. :( Oh well. Hope you get it figured out, I was just really wanted to say HI I SEE YOUR POST. :D

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