A-Level Graphic Design CD Cover Hybrid Theory Redesign

Front Cover (Left), Inlay (Right)

Back Cover
(Produced in Adobe Photoshop CS3)

Hi I’m Corinne Lines,
A Graphic Design student who was given the opportunity to redesign any CD of our choosing. As I’ve always been a fan of Linkin Park’s artwork an music since I was a young teen, I chose Linkin Park Hybrid Theory.

For the front cover, I understand the soldier holding the red flag, embodies the raw emotion of frustration and anxiety experienced when being pushed, or the when searching to a sense of personal identification; however when listening to the lyrics and losing myself in the music, I felt the stand- alone figure didn’t represent all of messages.

When thinking of a concept I knew the band members like Japanese anime, due to their interviews and references throughout their music videos existing albums, which brought to mind "horse power". Horse power reminded me of Japanese technological advances, and with the transaction from diesel to electric, gives depth to the reason of the horse; the horse is also a symbol in the animal kingdom, known for it's untamable temperament and strength. Merging the two ideas, a bio-mechanical beast seemed to represent that chaos and unpredictability communicated though the music. I developed the animal myself, using horse anatomy and engines as references. I kept the band's logo for band recognition, and kept the theme with typography throughout for consistency. The background of the front cover is a scared landscape with dark skies and ash, this is a scene of the future, as mankind has been driven to extinction and this beast, evidence of how man has gone too far, breaching the boundaries into the biological.

My inlay was intended to be like a Japanese or blueprint for how this animal was created. I used parts of a Japanese girl's essay for the text, and mostly used my own development work, such as the horse heads.

The back cover shows the horse, having been given the gift of wing, is taking a leap of faith towards a brighter future as the blood, red clouds are parting to show blue skies. I kept the typography for the song titles as the same as the front cover, with the theme of a program from a computer system, relating back to the development of the animal.

I had a deadline of 10 weeks to complete this unit of coursework, given I also had two other units to complete along side this one. I mounted these pieces to present to my peers and tutor, and they proposed seeing what the band might say about my design.

The band has inspired me to create many other designs and sketches based on the lyrics and the imagery, to be completely honest, I haven't so much focused on the band members but am passionate about their music, their artistic styles and respect how they present themselves as a band and as individuals. I have not yet been to a concert of theirs but its only been due to either money or unfortunate timing, and one day I'm definitely going to see them live, and the YouTube links doesn't count.

Any feedback on my design would be a very big help and much appreciated for my coursework, thank you for your time to read this.

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Comment by Juan Esteban Bonora on February 9, 2011 at 3:00pm
Kewl, but, What is it?
Comment by Corinne Lines on May 15, 2010 at 1:49pm
hehe thank you, took me 10 weeks to do it so i better had make it good :) thank you so much for your comments :)
Comment by 厶尺山工N D工仁廾O己O 户O爪乃O on April 1, 2010 at 11:28am
great works :D
Comment by flamemaker on March 4, 2010 at 10:51pm
cool picture


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