My favorite song by LP is Numb because when i first heard that song i was at a friends house sitting in a chair and i started crying because that song hit home for me at the time. Its like LP wrote that song just for me or something, like the song knew what i was going through. So after that i started to try and find more songs by them and all these songs seemed to be telling the story of my life. Its like they wrote all their songs in a vague was so that it had just enough description to fit into peoples lifes. My mind went blank when i listened to LP cuz i would always imagine myself as the person in their song and wonder stuff. HMM well thats my rant for today :)

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Comment by Anastasia Polyakova on June 26, 2011 at 2:41pm
It's already a feat!!!
Comment by Celeste Nicole Larkins on June 23, 2011 at 4:38pm
Well see when I first got into linkin park I was depressed. Listening to linkin park at first kinda made me more miserable but at the same time comfort that other people may be going through what I'm going through. Onceni began to understand the lyrics to their songs it helped me move one and get through my family and personal problems. I still enjoy their music and take comfor in it but i don't let it make me miserable anymore
Comment by Anastasia Polyakova on June 23, 2011 at 3:06pm
Sorry,I can't just pass this post.
The main thing that I like in Linkin Park's songs is lyrics.when I found Numb lyrics and read it I was shocked.i'd never met such a tragical song.and when I watched What I've Done video I've realized that they're people with the kindest hearts in the world.
Few years later still having small knowledge about them I heard Breaking the Habit...this is one of the songs that sometimes makes me cry.I force myself not to shout because I can feel a part of this pain and desperation.and this boy in From The Inside video...he's so frigile and everybody doesn't see him just running away.and all that the could do is to throw away,from the inside,what he feels.
I really sorry that there're people who can't be understood by others.they stay alone,having no support and hope,this glancing of the Sun.but not always you have to choose between the life and the eternal sufferings,when you pretend that everything is OK.we have the great gift to feel love and love.our memory isn's meant to collect all the sadness and frustrations.there aren't dementors in real world)
Comment by Celeste Nicole Larkins on June 23, 2011 at 10:18am
right! its like as time goes by i relate to more and more of their songs. i dont really think there is a song out there that i dont relate to
Comment by Megan Mercredi on June 22, 2011 at 3:04pm

Me too!

The first song I heard was Leave Out All The Rest.I couldn't relate to it as much as you did to numb,but it was so emotional,and I always try to find more out about a band that I like the few songs I've heard.So I listened to numb and watched the video,It was like the girl in the numb video was me,I mean the video was mirroring my life. when I was in fifth sixth grade that was me

then I listened to crawling,papercut and breaking the habit.And it's like each day my favorite song changes because all of them hit home and each day I relate to one more than the others.


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