Wow it's been a while that I posted something new! But to be honest I check this site out a lot but don't leave a comment. So it's about time again right!

Well sinds my last post a lot has happened. I got pregnant (I got sick a lot, not funny I couldn't even celabrate old and new caus I was to sick) 8 weeks left to go now. And it's going to be a girl. I've been listening to Linkin Park a lot cause she needs to learn about good music in a early stage. LOL. She's doing great and is growing as crazy, there is hardly any room left in there for here.

There was also sad news for me the last couple of monts. A colleague of mine past away at the young age of 51 and my grandpa died to. He was 87 so I think it was his time. Grandma disagrees with me. but hey they been together for 61 years. So yeah she's missing him.

But thanks to this all I found out that I have the best of friends they are the best! Love you all. My family is starting to tire me out. Why do they want me to be like them. I doing fine on my own. And if I give them my opinion I'm talking nonsense and stuff. But hey that's why you pick out your friends and not the family. Sometimes friends can be more family then you think!


Well that was it for now. I will try to comment on the site some more time, but now I've been busy with the baby, and I was very bumbed out that this year I could not attent a LP concert. So I did not want to read about it to much. You know with the idee of grrrrr I wish I was there. But hey next year if it is up to me I'll go more than ones.


xxxxxxx Anke

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Comment by Jamie McEwan on June 27, 2011 at 2:14pm

Lol. I have not posted comments or blogs on here since in months either. :s I check it often though. I may get back to commenting and blogging here. I am joined up for so many things, and been busy it's tough to keep up with it all. :s

Congrats on being pregnant, and that it is going to be a girl! :) Sorry to hear about you being sick though, but it is all apart of it. When that baby is in your arms for the first time you will know it was all worth it. Haha. Yes, they need to hear good music at an early age. ;) I am back to listening to a lot of Linkin Park to myself for a few reasons. :P For one, they kick ass, and were a huge part of my musical taste and self therapy growing up. And I have also found myself doubting myself and return thoughts from a few years ago, which I thought I was over and doing better. I am doing better, but I just have moments of bad times.

So sorry to hear about your colleague and grandpa passing away. That's tough, I have lost a lot of close friends, and my grandpa who I was the closest too died when I was 11.


I am sure we all understand you have been busy, it's okay. Yeah, I have not read very much into posts about the concerts either....I think unless you are there to witness such an amazing experience, it doesn't mean much, and just makes you kinda jealous and like "I wish I was there!" lol.

Peace for now. :)


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