first,she made me move here in italy with her.leaving all my friends behind and i really miss them. i really felt so alone. now that i have friends, she's making me change school coz she thinks i wont get a job with my school. thinking about it,well yes maybe she's right about the school. parts of me are thinking that i dont want that school anymore. but im already in 2nd yr,this autumn i'll be in 3rd,which is the year i'll get the qualification. it's such a waste if i start all over again to another course,all my mom wants is money and for me to have a job. how stupid is she? im running away at 18 anyway,so i think i need a job right now. then there's this thing about eating veggies. at first she said ''when you're in rome,do what romans do''. she says italians are the healthiest ones,so eat veggies. now that i turned into vegan,she wants me to become vegetarian. she's forcing me to drink milk and eat eggs. she thinks i'll get sick later. she always includes michael jackson in her examples,like ''look at him,at first he looks fine,then years later his nose fell off,then the next thing you know he's dead taking pain killers''. then she says that i'm asian and not italian,so whatever she'll say,i'll have to obey. so where's her famous quote now about romans and rome? and she's selfish too. she says save yourself first before saving the animals. but save myself from who? from her maybe. she's violent coz she says it's ok when you're asian. well anyway,i dont even care if i die earlier,coz i dont want to die when i'm 100 years old. 70 is my maximum age. so if being vegan is not healthy for her,i'd be totally cool. then weeks ago,she asked my friends' phone numbers or else she wouldnt let me go to this picnic we were having,so i gave it to her. how controlling is that? i wish i could be lorelai of gilmore girls. but the thing is i'm not in america,i'm in italy. there's no association about a safe place to go when you run away like .. if only there is one here in italy,i would totally run away and change my name,seriously. i just really,really hate her, sometimes i wish i was adopted so that that way i would know i'm not related to her...

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Comment by Melina Badii on June 9, 2010 at 7:45am
I know what you say...I have this problem too...but in our country it's not onlyparents telling us what to do,the society is like this...and I can't cope with that either...I know what u say,...they want u to be what they want,like we're dolls....I fought that...a really big fight...but at last I realized fighting isn't going to have to separate your path fighting her,u just get tired and hurt urself...
I had this BIG problem,I wrote it in my blog,blackbirds...u have to follow your dreams...or at least it's what I think...
:-)..that's in their blood I guess!!!they think u're stupid and can't see the's stupid,I agree..but they don't understand's because of their age,they can't help it...and they think they're always right!!
just let her go...
that's what I think!:-)


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