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Comment by Jason on April 5, 2012 at 9:11pm

Waiting for the song to come ... wishing I had the strength to solve.

Comment by ricky on April 5, 2012 at 8:56pm

Crap. Someone already posted it.

Comment by ricky on April 5, 2012 at 8:55pm

Steps to Solve Puzzle:

Step 1: Click on LP logo.


Step 3: View Source under View

Step 4: Find - Sudo in the code.

Step 5: Password: Numbers beside Sudo

Comment by Brydon Harris on April 5, 2012 at 8:50pm

i figured out the whole "sudo solve()" thing and i found the password but i thought it was supposed to jumble up the picture and then i was going to solve it but it's all in place already :/  

Comment by Ryan Coots on April 5, 2012 at 8:41pm

I hope LP understands how much i HATE, Love and respect them for this...and yet i wait. because i must

Comment by mike.dynamite on April 5, 2012 at 8:33pm

finally i solved it!!!  now what is supposed to happen next???

Comment by Justin Gilbert on April 5, 2012 at 8:24pm

LP.... are u trying to have youre fans commit suicide


Comment by joshman on April 5, 2012 at 8:21pm

PLZ some1 tell me waht is source code!!!!!!!!!!!


Comment by Oscar B on April 5, 2012 at 8:14pm

i just unlocked the first one after hours :P!

so.. what's next?

Comment by Darren on April 5, 2012 at 8:10pm

There's nothing to listen to at this point. Java Developers have searched through the source code of the website and you'll have to wait a few hours to see what LP has for us next...


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