Yep. It's another morning I woke up into. It's another day of my usual, daily activities. I wake up, watch my favorite morning shows, eat my breakfast, take a bath, open our computer shop and earn some money. It is just like any other Filipino days; doing their chores and works. It's summer. I don't have classes so I'd rather help my dad in his shop. My life's simple, isn't it? But something in everyday, started this year, that pulled me from this simple life and started rocking my everyday of 2012. It was the music of Linkin Park. The every strum and pluck of Brad; every pop and tap of Phoenix; every beat and roll made by Rob; every effect and sound produced by Mr. Hahn; every song sang and screamed by Chester; every song sang, rapped and mixed by Mike... Those things changed everyday of my life. I wake up every morning longing to hear any, just ANY songs of Linkin Park. Linkin Park has been a part of me.

I may have not been into any concerts and live performances of LP; I may not have autographs of any of the LP's members; I may not afford joining any groups like LPU; I may not have anyway to have access and direct connection to Linkin Park... BUT ... I will always be one of the millions and millions of greatest fans of this band; one of the millions and millions of people who have loved Linkin Park and who have made LP part of their lives. I will continue to support the songs they made, the songs they are making and the songs they will make in the future. I wanna be a part of the legacy. What can I say..hehe..I've become a huge fan.


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Comment by Änïs Röck-Fràg on April 11, 2012 at 3:24am

Nice :)


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