This is my reaction to comments I've been hearing from so-called fans relating to LP's evolution of different styles over the years. I've heard comments along the lines of "They should write music people want to hear" or "If they want more sales they need to give the fans what they want." This is my response:

It's true that LP's style has changed dramatically since thirteen years ago, causing uneasiness and even doubts in fans. However, people need to realize that LP doesn't write songs trying to meet the fan's expectations. The band writes their music for the band, and I think that really separates those who just like some of their material and true LP fans. Since Meteora, we all could predict that the band would never go back to the old style. In fact, each of their albums are different. If a "fan" is bothered by that and wants the band to make music the way the fans want, then they aren't true fans. They have even mentioned that in their interviews that they're constantly changing and taking risks, and that they'll probably never return to their Hybrid Theory days. I personally agree with their decision. Their constant evolving keeps me interested. I can always look forward to something new. It's not a matter of 'If LP will ever go back to Hybrid Theory days' but a matter of 'This is what we've created. If you like it, cool. If you hate it, cool.' It's not your music or my music, it's their music. And it's your choice whether or not it's the music for you. So what does this mean? "Fans" like some of LP's stuff. True fans respect the band's risks and appreciate the music being produced. I'm not saying you have to like every single thing LP produces. Personally, the first time I heard Victimized, I thought it was one of the worst songs they've made. Do you think they care? No. Even though I don't particularly favor that song, I still respect the different directions the band explored.

On a side note, I'd like to point out that some of you guys probably weren't into LP when Hybrid Theory came out. In fact, some were too young to really get into their music. Just saying, if you weren't even involved with LP during "Hybrid Days", I don't see why you're complaining.


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Comment by Kris on March 12, 2013 at 2:14am

Sounds good. But I wouldn't go with the "If they want more sales they need to give the fans what they want" although I am into the old stuff. They actually do have great sales because they changed. Staying on the nu metal side would have killed their sales by now. I always thought they went with what was popular (Crawling and In the End took off -> Meteora featured more songs of that style, fewer real heavy ones) instead of staying at the "music about music" and aggressive style.

Another nu metal album would have hurt sales and, surprisingly, after releasing QWERTY they left that style and stayed on the successful front. A Thousand Suns was really a break-out as it was supposed to be and didn't fully fit into what sells but they managed to throw in a few songs that would. That album actually was "real" LP like Hybrid Theory and Meteora in my opinion although it had a different style it still felt somewhat special. Living Things on the other hand is built for sales again in my opinion. It has too many elements that are popular at the moment and I don't really understand why it was declared as the heaviest since Hybrid Theory and all that metal guitar talk was just lies, there is none. Victimized is pretty much the only song that is somewhat heavy but only because it's distorted and chaotic doesn't make it a true heavy song.

So yeah, you are right for the most part I think. But in my opinion they go for sales instead of what they would really love to do. Back in the day there also were interviews and statements, since you mentioned that, and LP said their music is about the marriage of rock/metal, rap and electronica. It is no longer. Sure, they maybe changed their minds (combining more/other genres) but it just sounds like some PR talk after all.


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