Soooo the social welfare cut me off and left me with no money yaaaay..
They owe me over 500 euro now... oh the joys....
I want a job!!!And money!!

But the sun is shining, Holland are through to the quarter finals so all ya gotta do is keep smiling!

Ok so Holland didnt win the World Cup ( dont get me started on that match), social gave me back (most!) of the money they owe me...
And the best thing?
I left all the craziness behind and up and went to Dublin to go live with my bf and work on my career and find a job.Families might be great and all but not when you got to tell everyone what to do, not when your responsible for your 16 year old sister and the social screw you over. Do I feel guilty for leaving my dysfunctional family to fend for themselves? Yup. Am I going back? No.
But I got two awesome auditions coming up so fingers crossed! :)

Ok first audition didnt go so well, wasnt expecting it to!

Got to Dance audition in 9 days and Im having MAJOR freak-outs!!!!
Being back in Dub is great, and the social are FINALLY giving me the money I should have had a year ago when my sis was still living with me.....sigh. Least I can pay my college fees now!
AND I found a job...only a few hours a week but better than nothing!
Hope everyone out there is well and happy, if not go blast some LP!At top volume!

OMG so I went to the Got to Dance audition and just did the damn thing,I really really hope I get to the next round of auditions, I hardly leave my phone out of sight in case they call..... DEAR UNIVERSE: pleeeeeease let me go throught to the next round!!!!
Still waitressing, couple of hours a week, it's fine, hopefully get something full-time coming up to Christmas though....
LP still havnt announced a date in Ireland goddamn, no fair. But hye, you cant have evrything right??
Oh! I also started writing again, (I mean, besides this) ! I always loved writing but havnt done any in ages. This is a screenplay...well...trying to be lol. Not sure where its gonna go yet but we'll see...
I'm jus happy, the last year was stressful to say the least but I'm in Dub, I have money, a great BF, HOPEFULLY a dance competition to win!!!
Ooooh and I'm planning getting more tattooes yay!! :)
Sorry if I'm annoying anyone who aint feeling happy right now.
Chocolate and music usually works for me!

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Comment by jAmEs on July 2, 2010 at 12:56am
how sad :'((

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