Nowadays there is only one "discussion" - if you want to call it that - going on in the world of LP.

It is "change back" vs. "no, change is good" and "don't tell them how they should sound" vs. "don't tell me what I should like to listen to"

I don't really want to choose any side of those. During the past years I have got to know a lot about my musical taste. I have always been a rock/metal guy thanks to my dad listening to the big names and insider tips of the 60/70/80s. I grew to love the sound of distorted guitars and driving drums.

It wasn't until a few years ago that I noticed it's not that I love rock/metal. That's too big of a genre. I don't really love a particular genre inside rock/metal either. It is the sound and style of music, it is groove, complex rhythms and a dash of dissonance in a crossover of genres. That is also why I love all the old stuff my dad listened to when I was a kid. It's a lot of groove and rhythmic stuff because it grew out of Blues and Jazz.

That is where LP comes in. When I heard One Step Closer for the first time I was hooked. It is still my favourite song of all time, after all these years.

What I now realize is that I loved everything from the late 90s to QWERTY because it had interesting rhythms, grooves, a mix of "metal" if you want to call it that, electronics and various other genres, and pretty unexpected tonality. I now know it was the mix and composition of LP's music that I loved. Not rock, not metal, not LP themselves like "I love all they do".

That is pretty much why I do not like the "newer" stuff as much. It is too much electronics for my taste (not as "crossover" as before) and too masses-friendly. All the grooves, deriving from interesting rhythms, have been replaced mostly (I'm not saying 100%) by simple beats and the sometimes crazy tonality, dissonance and "rule breaking" of classical composing (e.g. outro of By Myself) have been replaced by too much harmonic and linear sounds. I'd also say it's not heavy enough for my taste but since all press, reviews and experts say Living Things is like the heaviest since Hybrid Theory I don't want to comment on that. Maybe I just have a different meaning of heavy in my head and am wrong about that.

Still, LP got me into this and showed me what I like. Now I listen to other bands and love other bands. But when I listen to their songs I think "this could be LP as well" (see videos). I am not saying they SHOULD be like that, just that it reminds me of their old sound. I know the videos are way more metal-ish (louder drums etc.) because the bands are in some sub-genre of it but the style, composition, groove, drive, not the sound design (which is quite metal-ish), is very similar in my opinion.

So yes, LP have changed. And they did not change in a way that I would have loved. But it is NOT a bad thing. It is just not my type of thing anymore. I am NOT saying they should change, I'm just saying thanks for the music, thanks for getting me into the music I love now and keep doing whatever you feel like. Just wanted to share what the music means to me and where I moved on from that.

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