No puzzles or hidden messages with this one. We’re excited to finally announce that our new album, A THOUSAND SUNS, will be released on September 14th.

The lead single for the album is called “The Catalyst.” It will be released on August 2nd.

Beginning tomorrow, July 9th, we’re teaming up with MySpace for “Linkin Park, Featuring You,” a contest which gives you the one-of-a-kind opportunity to be on our new album. We'll be giving you some audio from “The Catalyst,” and you get to take it from there; you can remix the parts, write something over them, or mute stuff and write something totally new. We may choose a remix of the song, and put it on the album…or, we may choose an amazing keyboardist, string quartet, guitarist, percussion group, or other musician, and invite them into the studio to play on one of our songs. No matter what instrument you play, you can win. We're open to anything good. All we ask is that you include any audible portion of any one of our stems in your submission.

Once you submit, the community (that's you) will vote, and the most popular stuff will rise to the top. Then, my bandmates and I will comb through the submissions, choose one winner, and they will be included on our album, A THOUSAND SUNS. Check out for contest details.

I think I've said enough for now. Thanks for your continued support. We’ve got more announcements coming, so keep checking for updates.


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Comment by Juan Sebastian Rojas Corredor on October 21, 2010 at 8:03pm
it still needs some arrangements, but it`s a grat concept
Comment by Juan Sebastian Rojas Corredor on October 21, 2010 at 8:02pm
yo corey!!! your song is awesome man.
Comment by Corey Robinson on October 20, 2010 at 2:17pm
Check out "Linkin Park- The Catalyst Live (w/ Symphony)" that I did. Let me kow what you think. I wasn't able to get my entry in on time so I just decided to make a vid out of it! Enjoy!
Comment by D'jon Hutchinson on October 19, 2010 at 11:17pm
P.S. I was talking about the new LP album.
Comment by D'jon Hutchinson on October 19, 2010 at 11:14pm
Hi my name is a very big fan of LP. i enjoy almost all of their albums including, hybid theory, meteora, reanimation, minutes to midnight, and underground. they got me through my rebellious teen was like LP knew what every one wanted to hear and then gave it to them. the reason why I liked linkin park so much was and still do is because i could relate to what they were saying.even with minutes to midnight. It took me awhile but i connected.with this new album its not the hardcore rock and hip-hop that we are use to and miss. i dont think it is bad i just think it is not what we wanted or expected. But the main reason that people might not like it is because like me i can't connect. Linkin Park is still awesome and i will always support their music but i would like to see them go back to where they started.their roots.its ok to go into a new direction but don't loose the things that made you the best.
Comment by willy candra on October 19, 2010 at 8:54pm
i like it
Comment by Corey Robinson on October 16, 2010 at 9:57pm
Ruined-Ok. First of all, you know I never told you that you werent entitled to your opinion of the album. Alot of people don't like it. Alot of people like it. Where I get aggrevated is when people start to "expect" a certain sound from a band, instead of just letting them do what they want. Would you want to be ordered to never change? Dont change your hair, always drive the same car... c'mon! If you don't like it, then don't listen. There are only like 6 songs on the album I actually like, and those are the ones I listen to. Well, at least you still have their earlier albums to work out to. I don't listen to just one type of music, and I guess that is where I have the advantage. I listen to these songs in the mind set of "would I listen to this song, no matter who recorded it?" If some no name band wrote to this album, would I still have the same opinion, or would I like it? Not everyone is capable of getting into that mindset, so most people will never know. Most people are saying simply, that this isn't a good "LP" album. That is stupid. If it is good or not should have nothing to do with who it was from. Thats just like a friend told me once... "if you listen to a beat without knowing who made it, you have to base your opinion purely on the beat itself. That will be a trully pure opinion. But if they told you that Timbaland made it, you will be less likely to hate on it, because everyone is convinced that he is a genius. Honestly, answer that question Ruined. All kidding aside... if this same album came from some no name band, would you hold the same opinion? Or is it simply an album Linkin Park shouldn't have come out with. If you can honestly say you wouldn't like it still, then that is the only good reason. Any other reason is shallow. I'm sorry but its true.
Comment by Ruined on October 16, 2010 at 8:32pm
Alright Corey Robinson, everything you said in your rant is absolutely correct. You cannot be argued against and you are perfect. But to the rest of us with imperfections, we have the free will to decide what we think about whatever. I came direct with my opinions and Im sorry that you had to hate on me in order to refute my opinions, Im not going to say that you are a LP male groupie, but LP sold albums because they made good music, as far as Im concerned just because you become popular doesnt make you a sellout. If you think that LP made this album without the intention of making money than you are mistaken. LP is signed to a record company which is primarily concerned with making money. LP makes money when I purchase a song of theirs off of itunes, if its crap then i wont buy it. I work out regularly and music is a part of my life, I need music that will put me in the right mindset and LPs music has done this in the past for me. Just because I am not a musician doesnt make me any better or worse than you man, just because you are a musician doesnt mean you know squat about music. LP should Mix shit up with some D and B or some electronica, hip hop, not the sad down feeling that this is about. I believe in peace and honesty I just wanted to say that this album is shit. Follow Rondawgtoronto on twitter
Comment by Corey Robinson on October 16, 2010 at 6:54pm
Ruined- You can go ahead and start the "Hybrid Theory-Meteroa Fan Site", because this all you are. Now, Its not a rule to say that you are supposed to like or not like an album, but to go as far as to say what a band should or shouldn't do is nowhere near your place! Thats like me telling you, "what are you doing wasting your time in sports for? You can do something more constructive with your time!" You can spend your time doing what ever you want, right? This is what is great about capitalism... if people don't like what they are doing, it will show in the money flow. Then they will be posed with a choice, do what makes money, or do what they want to do. If they did what makes money, then they are sell-outs, RIGHT?! So either way they lose. I think it's more important to them to do what they want, not care about money, and be able to look at themselves in the mirror! Like I said before, I guess it is easy for a musician (which obviously you are not!) to understand the direction they are taking. Come on!... I'm a guitar player, and how much guitar do you hear on the album? Less than 15%!! Now, I can be shallow like some people on this blog and say, "There's not enough guitar on this album!" , but there is very little guitar on Pretty Hate Machine, and I don't complain with that! I just listen to it 20 trillion times cus I love it! If NIN came out with this album, it would be totally different, because it is more 'expected' to come from that band. Thats your problem 'Ruined', you want to place the same restrictions on a band, that you yourself wouldn't want on you! Noone would! Everyone wants to be... WHO THEY ARE. A musicians music should always be a reflection of who they are, as corny as it sounds! Kinda hypocritical of you, wouldn't you agree? We are all creatures of habit and ritual, and we hate change. On top of that, do you realize how self-obsorbed you saound, saying, "they need to step it up with some music that'll liven my workouts up...." Thats they truth. Its all about you, and LP pleasing you, like they are your little monkey! Don't worry though, you will find a new band to scratch your itch, eventually. Why don't you just start your own band, and then you can be as hard and screamy and full of substance as you want, and youll have the perfect music to work out to, and then you wont feel the need to require it from anyone else! OH.. forgot... NO TALENT!!
Comment by POOYAN-RN on October 16, 2010 at 5:17pm
your new album socks


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