No puzzles or hidden messages with this one. We’re excited to finally announce that our new album, A THOUSAND SUNS, will be released on September 14th.

The lead single for the album is called “The Catalyst.” It will be released on August 2nd.

Beginning tomorrow, July 9th, we’re teaming up with MySpace for “Linkin Park, Featuring You,” a contest which gives you the one-of-a-kind opportunity to be on our new album. We'll be giving you some audio from “The Catalyst,” and you get to take it from there; you can remix the parts, write something over them, or mute stuff and write something totally new. We may choose a remix of the song, and put it on the album…or, we may choose an amazing keyboardist, string quartet, guitarist, percussion group, or other musician, and invite them into the studio to play on one of our songs. No matter what instrument you play, you can win. We're open to anything good. All we ask is that you include any audible portion of any one of our stems in your submission.

Once you submit, the community (that's you) will vote, and the most popular stuff will rise to the top. Then, my bandmates and I will comb through the submissions, choose one winner, and they will be included on our album, A THOUSAND SUNS. Check out for contest details.

I think I've said enough for now. Thanks for your continued support. We’ve got more announcements coming, so keep checking for updates.


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Comment by AleexLinkinPark! on September 10, 2010 at 6:41pm
Yes I am an unconditional fan of Linkin Park .. what happens is that Linkin Park can experience, but do so on their own in their study. What they can not do is launch this disc after the big Hybrid Theory or Meteora. Compare a song from A Thousand Suns with In The End, Crawling, Somewhere I Belong, Faint, Numb, What I've done .. can not .. I just hope they realize what the fans want.
I hope you read my comments Linkin Park! Yet you keep on being the best band in the world.
Comment by Natho on September 10, 2010 at 6:28pm
So, let me start by saying this...


It gives me the SHITS that so many of you are saying don't buy this album because it's not Linkin Park. So what, it is different from all their other albums.

There are only TWO types of bands in this world;

1. SUPERMARKET BANDS - These are the likes of Kings Of Leon, Coldplay, AFI, Evanescence and so on. These bands sound the same album after album until you can't listen to them anymore because all their music sounds the same!
2. DESIGNER BANDS - These are hard to find as they require more talent than the supermarket bands and cannot be labeled as a specific genre. Their music is forever changing. New fresh ideas. Unpredictable. Brilliant. This is where Linkin Park belong.

What would you prefer, a band that keeps pumping out the same old mundane sounding shit, or one that takes new styles, ideas and risks to keep changing their sound so that YOU don't get bored with their music...
I know which option I prefer... The second one.

So I say this to Linkin Park... Keep up the fantastic ideas and continual change. Its great to see at least one band can keep its TRUE fans entertained by engaging them in a totally different journey for each album you make. Take the criticism from all these people, but DO NOT CHANGE A THING! You guys have been my all time favorite band right from when you were Hybrid Theory, you had my support then and you have it now.

GREAT WORK TO ALL OF YOU! This is from Adelaide, South Australia. If you read this LP, Please come back to Adelaide when you tour Australia!
Comment by AleexLinkinPark! on September 10, 2010 at 8:42am
Hybrid Theory, Meteora .. even minutes to midnight, have been the best albums I've heard .. but A Thousand Suns, I do not know what to say, this is not Linkin Park, all songs are very bad, I hope to reflect on what we want the fans .. A Thousand Suns is VERY VERY VERY bad ..!
Att: An unconditional fan of Linkin Park from Spain
Comment by Hephaistos on September 10, 2010 at 8:21am
1st: I don´t get it - a band doesn´t have to produce the same kind of sound again and again and again, and for the bravery to bring out a album like this you should be more than honored. Instead of repeting what was already there, LP has developed further on. People are saying "That doesn´t sounds like LP" - so what IS LP at all? It´s what the guys make out of it, its there ideas - and here we have fresh ones, completely different and that is more than good.

I am really, REALLY glad that you made "A thousand suns" like it is. I always loved to mix up playlists of different styles and genres and although I loved HT, MT and was not that satisfied with M2M I hoped for a chance in your sound. And what can I say - This Album blew me away. Of course there are parts that I´m absolutely in love with and others that sound not that good in my ears. But all in all, the sound is amazing, something I rarely heard before. It is not for the best hookline, for the best words to say, but a sound that creats a wonderful atmosphere and for me personally went deeper than many early songs. I don´t always want to explode when LP is in the player, so I´m glad that here I (so to say) implode and feel energetic in a different way.

It´s great that you developed in a way that you wanted to, it shows in this album to what a level you can get to. I have to confess that I for sure won´t have a special line in my ear every once and a while, but the melodies and the Imptression of this sound is in itself more powerful. Keep it up, develope in your way and I´ll be glad to see what comes out of it.

A last note for those that think they lost the LP-Sound: We loved them for what they did - something new. And now, doing it again, everybody wants them to be as in the past? That is not what an artist should do in my eyes. We have enough bands with good music that have their distinct sound. Great to have now a band that reinvents itself. This is what good music is all about, pushing limits.
Comment by māra on September 10, 2010 at 7:42am
i love u guys!!
the new album is good!!
Comment by stizzler on September 10, 2010 at 6:13am
I'm a fan since Hybrid Theory like many of the other people here.
Meteora was just mind blowing.
Minutes to Midnight was different but still good.

But for a thousand suns i have to say, it doesn't sound like LP anymore.
Only "The Catalyst" and maybe "Blackout" got some of the LP magic but rest is just... i dont even know what to say about these songs.
I can't even imagine how hard it is to make good songs but, well.... i'm disappointed.

I will be a fan forever but for me its just more fun to listen to the other albums.
Comment by Dijkman on September 10, 2010 at 4:07am
I'm a huge LP fan from Amsterdam since allmost the beginning. I never signed up for this website, but because of this album, I just have to..
Sorry dear LP.. I really am dissapointed in this CD. I fell in love with your style of music but that style is completely gone on this CD. And seriously..why?
Since I'm still a big admirer of your previous work, I choose my words carefully.. guys, please bring back the good stuff..this is too bad and a waste of my money

(PS: Sorry for the grammar)
Comment by farjad farid on September 9, 2010 at 11:48pm
hey guys can you tell me what's the purpose of making this album ?
if you can please tell me
Comment by farjad farid on September 9, 2010 at 11:45pm
I just hope that LP guys try to release another album in a year maybe opinions changed
i'm sorry i love LP but about this album . . . . . . .
Comment by Daz G on September 9, 2010 at 2:06pm
For those of you saying "this album is great!". Get off Chesters nutsack! Stop being pussies and say what you 'really' want to say, which is "the new album sucks donkey dick!" Show some self respect. Dont buy this album, wait for the LP guys to release a better one (which wouldnt be difficult!) and spend your cash on that.

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