WHERE THE HELL IS LINKIN PARK. Linkin park had time to make Not Alone so why can't they go on tour. So what, they don't have a new album. YOU DON'T NEED AN ALBUM TO GO ON TOUR. Yeah ok, chester is in dead by surise. They aren't on tour either. Linkin park needs to go on tour, and tour in the states, not just other countries. I have been waiting FOREVER for a tour to come, but no they're not on tour are they. Please comment.

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Comment by Danielle on April 25, 2010 at 12:45pm
dude I here you, but they tour constantly and I promise I feel you on this as I'm jonsing so to speak for my LP concert as these other bands try to filter through ATL... These guys work their asses off to make their fans happy. As much as I would pay too much for a ticket to see them last minute somewhere tomorrow, I would rather them be at peace and find their music in their upcoming album. They have granted us with so much so fast and now we are all like - come on - let's go, but these guys have got to have some down time as far as real life time. Can you imagine that rock n roll lifestyle they live - cool and sometimes maybe not so, but my point is that I have listened to them for more than 10 years and I know they want nothing but us to be happy with their new album - so let's get a script for valium and chill and await this fabulous thing they are creating - sound good?


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