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So.. I haven't write since January. I haven't write about the big news!!

I am going to see Linkin Park TWICE in June!!!

January 18th we we're told that LP is coming to Norway June 28th. Just a couple of days before, me and some friends were talking about beeing volunteers at that festival. I was really pumped about it... And it seemed to be BETTER :D

We wouldn't risk work that evening, so we aren't going to be volunteers anyway. I thought I didn't have the money for a whole week at the Festival, but I just HAD TO!


Me and one of my friends weren't satisfied to be on just one show. We haven't realized that they're coming to Norway yet. LP confirmed that they were going to Sweden June 14th. We were sooo excited, but it turned out that my friend has an exam that week. We were hoping that they would play in Finland that weekend, cause Birgitte (my friend) met a finnish girl at the LPU Summit. Unfortunately, they are playing in Helsinki June 16th, the same week.


I searched around a bit, different shows that we could attend, plane tickets, camping, buses, trains and so on. I found out that they are going to play in Leipzig, Germany, June 18th!! It's nothing to do in school that weekend anyway, cause all the exams are done by then! :D

I found some cheap plane tickets (from RyanAir of course xD) and everything of transport seemed to be really cheap actually.


it's a little crazy, cause I was skeptical about whether I could go on the Norwegian festival, cause I didn't quite knew if I had enough money for it. But now I'm going to Germany too!
So yeah... I'm going to attend two shows within two weeks in June. I'm so excited :D A year ago, I had no idea that I would be attending three shows within 1 year and 4 months, cause I wasn't a fan before last October... Now I'm just crazy about Linkin Park :D

In the mean time I have to finnish high school. So much homework, tests, presentations, tasks, everything is going on right now. We have started the all-day tests, and everything of all-day tests and final exams are going on in April, May and June. (We have easter vacation in 2 weeks though :D) I hate school right now, and I really looking forward to summer and vacation. On another hand, I get the world's best reward; Two concerts with LP. :D

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