u know what? yeah LP is everything for me! people laugh at me and don't believe when i say this but this is really true!!! they are always in my mind and like always help me overcome shits!! their song lyrics are my life:my past,what i'm up to now and my future dreams,wishes ,all i wanna! yeah all i wanna do is trade this life fro something new holding on to what i haven't got!!:) one of my fav songs "waiting for the end"<3 if u really love music how u can't be fan of LP ,chester be,and mikey???they are real masters!!! number one vocalist in the world for me?yeah it's chesta:) his voice is superb,immortal,awesome,no words!!!!so much inspiring me!!! always calm down and make me not to give up!!:) always fight till the end!<3 how can i not to love him ha?yeah i can't:) and i know that every LPsoldier can't:)!!!so much i wanna tell about all of us and LP and chester but have no much time now cuz have to go out of town-.- i'll be back soon i hope:) take care all soldiers up there<3love ya all much cuz ure my LP family till the end and even in the and and after the and my immortals<3

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Comment by taylor's chester on August 10, 2013 at 5:19pm

same here. ^_^

Comment by Lilit Grigoryan on August 10, 2013 at 10:47am

the same feeling!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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