31/3/2010...Video Chat with Mike & Chester, and Fiore LPU chat gone wrong! xD

As many of you know, yesterday it was scheduled for Mark Fiore, the LP videographer, to do his very first LPU chat. Things went smoothly at the begging but two of the guys we love the most had other plans xD

It was about time for the chat with Fiore to start when Mike decided to suprise us by passing by the LPU chat room and replying to some questions. Other than that he asked us to join a site called U-Stream and he told us that he may be doing a live video chat sometime. That got everyone excited! A few minutes later he said that he has to record something with Chester and that he'll be back later.

Finally, 3 minutes after Mike went offline, Fiore joined us. I had the feeling that it was gonna be a great chat cause we dont get to chat with LP's videographer all the time! Actually we never did until yesterday. Not long after the chat had started, Mike went online again and told us to go to his U-Stream cause he was about to do a video chat with him and Chester. Every single person left the chat in a hurry to go see Mike and Chester! I felt pretty bad actually at the time...Poor Fiore :( First chat he ever did and he got dumped for a video chat with Mike and Chester. That must have hurt.

In the video chat now, some of the hilarious things were: Mike reading the stuff we wrote as he thought he wasnt on air yet :P It was pretty funny! You should have seen his face! LOL Another funny thing was that we were actually talking about Shinoda's hair, the best iPhone apps (including 8 bit which happened to crash because Mike was playing with the volume :P), Chester's tattoos...and a lot of other interesting and funny things including talking with Fiore on the phone (meaning multiple chat), asking Mike about a painting he has on his wall (it's awesome btw...Futura made it) and other stuff...

When the guys went offline, because of the spamming, we heading back to the LPU chat in which everyone could ask anything without order :) It was pretty cool...Fiore gave us some insights about the upcoming LPTV and LPUTV episodes, the process of making and editing the videos, his fave places he visited and of course he told us how's life with Linkin Park and that he likes to play golf with Phi at times :)

That's basically what happened yesterday...pretty awesome day! Full of Awesomeness as Mike said :)

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Comment by Nichole Portales on April 1, 2010 at 9:27am
I didnt catch that part. What did he say?
Comment by EvoOba on April 1, 2010 at 8:44am
oh yeah...I forgot that one xD
Comment by Taminator (moderator) on April 1, 2010 at 8:43am
the chaos that followed.. and someone called mike gay


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