A Challenging Question for Mike Shinoda


I am posing a question to you because of the numerous charitable projects that you are involved in.  Recharge got me thinking about all of the issues that the planet is faced with today.  I can tell from reading your blogs that this is one of your interests and that you could offer some insightful information on the topic.

I see that Recharge has to do with finding solutions to problems that humans are faced with today, you used sustainability as an example.  Albert Einstein once said, "Two Things are Infinite:  The Universe and Human Stupidity; And I'm not sure about the Universe."  This quote hits home in regards to the problems we are facing today.  Everything from deforestation, climate change, rising sea levels, new strains of viruses with no vaccines, and childhood disorders/diseases on the rise partially due to toxins (pesticides, for example) in the environment.

Global climate change is already affecting the Earth's natural resources - the glaciers and ice sheets, etc... are melting more rapidly than expected, causing the sea levels to rise, which in turn effects the temperature of the ocean and the atmosphere, and so on and so on.

So my question to you is, what do you think is going to happen to this planet and the human race as global climate change is approaching faster that scientists had first predicted?  Why could Einstein essentially predict this outcome years and years ago but now the human race fails to realize the consequences of their actions?  What if your game could be a reality?

There are more and more children being born with diseases/disorders because of environmental factors.  The Center for Disease Control classified Autism as an EPIDEMIC!!  1 in 88 children are now affected.  There are now more children with learning disabilities, the statistics are sky rocketing through the roof.  The CDC came out with a statement several months back stating that this is all happening partly due to exposure to environmental toxins (and some genetic factors as well).

From your first hand experience, what can we do?  We are going to wipe ourselves out sooner than later!

Look forward to hearing from you, thank you!!


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