A Lesson Learned


Still maybe I was the one who made it big

Bigger than it really might be

More complicated and more of a mystery

But I've been on the wrong road I know

Maybe things turn around and change

And I might say I was exactly where I should've been



Aah ,how things change from our points of views

It's all about from where you see it,and where you sit

The biggest question is if Im all a mess now

Though you may be just a beautiful mistake

But this a lesson learned x3

One I'll never forget


Oh, how the days were painted by your touch

Now that I see the whole game,I'm a littel lost

I'm spinning in my world while you sitting there

And I know you like it this way specially when it hurts

That's why I feel sick just to remember my mistakes

Just to see that girl standing there




And now that it's all over,I sit and think it through

It was all nice then,I was happy to be there

Happy to hear you say stayyyy,

But now look at the mess you left me in

Not sure if even I wanna see who I was then ever again




 A lesson learned x2

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