I just watched the Metallica DVD S&M and also read about Deep Purple's Concert in the Albert hall back in 1999. Both these concerts had the element of an orchestra big band accompanying the bands' songs.

Having heard a lot of Linkin Park's songs and their recent album Living Things, I was wondering if Linkin Park could do the same. Granted, it's not an original idea, but very few rock bands have done such a thing and there's no harm in Linkin Park joining that elite group.

This would be my set-list

1. Intro/From The Inside
2. Somewhere I Belong
3. What I've Done
4. Faint
5. Castle of Glass
6. I'll Be Gone
7. Numb
8. Breaking The Habit
9. In Between
10. Until It Breaks/Waiting for the End
11. Valentine's Day
12. The Little Things Give You Away
13. The Catalyst
14. Leave Out All The Rest/Shadow of The Day/Iridescent
15. Roads Untraveled
16. Powerless
17. Hands Held High/Crawling
18. In The End
19. A Place for My Head( watch the rock in Rio 2012 performance, remove the intro and add symphonic elements. Perfect Closer)

(Note that I haven't added One Step Closer, Papercut, Burn It Down, Don't Stay, No More Sorrow and Lost In The Echo because they're just too energetic for symphonic accompaniments. Need I say more about other tracks like Victimized and Given Up??)

The purpose of this thread is to hear your thoughts on the same; why it would be a good idea (and if so, your preferred set list), whether its a waste of time, or if the band needs to put out more material before attempting it.

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