Another night i dream about you ,again...Your hand in my hair, your lips on my lips, and touches of your fingertips... I think about it for so long, and i should forget it cause it was so wrong.. This damn night as i walked in this damn room, follow me till today and poisoning me, but i make my own doom...Why i break my brain with this shit, you don`t do this for sure,probably already forget about it.. Why torturing my soul with this crap, you don`t feel like me, caught in trap.

I don`t love you that`s for sure, i have some kind of feeling, and it`s obscure...

How i want to see you again, how i want to touch your body, how  i want you to cause me pain and take me to your rhapsody...

How i want to hear your voice, and melt in your dark eyes, how i want you to let me no choice with your devils sight that defies.

How i want to put my lips on your lips, how i want you to kiss me and make my mind eclipse..

How i want that our body`s melt in one, how i want you to touch me and make my common sense stun...

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