Pearl above the Lotus
By: Adhitya Rasmi

In the darkness of confusion space, my soul almost vanished.
When I was destructed by the tempest of misery & confusion,
Nobody can help me to get out from these catastrophes.
I did ever have the most terribly miseries before these.
But I never have the most terribly miseries likes these.
My soul was flushed by the storm of distraught & chaos.

I did ever hurt so badly, far before these miseries comes.
But I never have the most painful hurt likes this.
Likes drowned in a bottomless ocean of pain & suffering.
I felt my entire hopes & dreams flew far away from me.
Refuse to be granted, they discard me likes useless debris.

But likes the wish fulfilling pearl above the lotus,
You come to my life & save me with suddenly.
As you is the magnificent lord of four immeasurably.
Emanation of the lotus Buddha comes to this world.
As I never think before, you had saved me & my soul.

You whisper me this mantra into my ear, when I need an aid.
That I will never forget this mantra since you whispered it.
Through this mantra, you bring the extermination to my miseries.
You become the vast & boundless radiance to illuminate my heart.
While nobody in this world can be more compassionate than you.
You come as the peaceful savior to save me from my wrecked state.

With your compassion, you soothe my pain & bring me peace.
Cast this mantra in a countless times to dispel all miseries.
I have never been very easy & full of wishes, since I known you.
At least, you give me a chance to be your disciple & your servant.
You bestow me with new hopes & wishes to conquer this world.
Your immeasurably compassion is never stop to inspiring me.

As the wish fulfilling pearl above the lotus is your heart emblem.
Your prayers & mantras flowing far away, beyond the heaven
Even you’re so far away from my sight & my heart, I known.
You’re still watching & listening with compassionately.
Without ask anything, just a loyalty to always trusting you.
Your compassion will always live in my simply heart,
And hearts of your entire disciples around the world.

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