Well, exept from a boring day at work.

Last night I saw the news about the LP concert in Paris!

I've been seeing LP in Paris twice. And the first time I was so lucky to meet them.

So when I read the news on the main page, I told mom in the middle of the night ( she wants to go to every LP concerts with me, and she loves Paris, she is so cute. 44 year old women got inspired by me, and now LP is her favorite band. Which you would not guees if you saw her. )


Today when I got home from work I ordered the ticket (because im a lpu member i did order today)

And untill now I couldnt stand still.

I was crying for hours. It was happy tears, off course.

I'm so happy!!!

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Comment by ucoepz saputro on June 19, 2010 at 6:21am
hi guys i love you full.....................
Comment by psykobouliz on June 17, 2010 at 1:38pm
heyyy!!! How are you?!! I am SOO glad to have news from you! I was wondering about you since all this time!! How have you been ? What's new??!!
So you're going to LP concert in PAris on the 25th october? I'll also go! MAybe we could meet there?!! That could be fun!! =D tell me about you!!

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