Yes thats right....a cake. Sweet chocolaty mouth watering cake or whatever cake you like. A relationships is like a cake. Allow me to explain before I make myself hungry by describing chocolate fudge cake.

A cake is made up in layers much like a relationship. First you have the sponge or whatever used to make the foundations of the cake. This is friendship, trust and companionship. Inside is the nuts and cherries which is all the special things you share with that person. But you have to make and bake the cake first before slapping on the icing. You have to put the cake in the oven to rise before the icing. In simple term you have to build your friendship and trust up before you start rolling around on the floor snogging each other passionate in front of a warm fire. Once the cake has risen you take it out and you slap on the icing sugar which would be the love and passion of the relationship. Throw on some chocolate buttons if you have to. Then the cherry on top, sex. This makes for a sweet healthy recipe for a cake but....

You cant just put the cherry on the cake with no icing sugar....the cherry wont stick. Meaning you cant just have sex sex with your close friend with no love and expect it to work, well you could but chances are you would ruin your friendship. You could just jump in to the realtionship with just the icing and the cherry but believe me you will get sick of eating only icing and cherries (you dont believe me then make a cup of icing sugar like I did and have a few mouthfuls it gets sickening). So what im saying is you could just jump right in thinking you love someone then a few months later you get bored of them and want to move on. I personally would just like to bake the cake and leave the icing and cherry off for a nice friendship that would never die but for some thats just not enough. You could have the cherry on its own but thats boring shallow.

It takes a lot of ingredients to make a cake and some time it can seem like its going off. Thats not because your relationship is going to fail. You just need to throw in a few more eggs and whisk vigorously and if that doesent work then bake another cake and no that does not mean find someone else (unless you want to of coarse) it means start again and give it another try.

I have no idea why I made this random blog. I was awake laying in my bed thinking of this cake theory so i thought what the hell ill add it as a blog to my site in hope that one person will see this just one person and they think 'Im hungry im gonna bake a cake'. All this talk about cake has made me hungry so im off to eat something.

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