I am Thai who have been living and studying in Taichung, Taiwan. I was one of the lucky persons who got Meet and Greet access in Taiwan, which there was only 8 of us as LPU members on that day. However, there was a bit disappointment for this time due to the time delay so that we had like 5-10 minutes and were put together with some people who weren't LPU members as they won some games to meet and greet with Linkin Park. Anyway, it made me happy to meet and talk with them right in front of me as I have been their fan for 10 years already and I was next to Chester when we had the group photos. Their songs grow on me since I was young. The picture below this article was my drawing I let them sign on it as I personally like the Transformer movies and of course Linkin Park. Therefore, I drew half of them in Autobot sides. I remember that when I handed the drawing to let them sign, Brad asked, "Did you draw this? Wow" with Joe's voice expressly and Brad gave me a Thai wai when he knew I was from Thailand, while Mike asked "Am I Bumblebee? That's cool! and Rob asked "You drew this? It's really nice...you're very talented!" and Chez gave me a big smile to me. These words made that day become one of the best days in my life, even though my drawing ain't that good. Moreover, the concert was so amazing, especially when they played "Wisdom, Justice, and Love" as the intro with "Iridescent". finally, I need to thank Hugo, the guy worked his ass off on that day for everything before and after the gig. He was so kind and friendly. He gave me a guitar pick, a pin and a Bandanas. Ready to rock in Bangkok, Thai fan??? Hope you guys enjoy with the gig tonight!


ps. I like Hugo call me "LPU kid"...hahaha!

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