Mike Shinoda, Chester Bennington, Joe Hahn, Brad Delson, Rob Bourdon, and David 'Phoenix' Farrell. What the six of you have created and mastered, cant even be worded as a masterpiece, because its beyond that, not even 'mind blowing' can describe the 'glory, misery, love, fear, risk taking, and honor' that molds each song into what they are and the messages they send. Linkin Park isnt just a name, yet i believe its more of a way of life, its as if you are leaders of young soldiers that wish to bring wisdom and love into this world. When you guys started off with the birth of Hybrid Theory, EVERYONE loved you, nothing you guys have ever created was a fluke, i love you guys till death with all my heart, not only is your name a way of life, but its full of complete inspiration, in which i have been given from you. i wanted to talk about your new album A Thousand Suns which i just downloaded and am listening to as we speak, when you released 'The Catalyst' and i listened to it for the first time, i was speechless, and of course it was different from anything youve ever made, yet it was beautiful, i loved every bit of it, especially the break down with Mike whimpering "lift me up... let me go..." that was absolutely stunning. when i first plugged in my ipod tonight to listen to the whole album from start to finish, and experience what Linkin Park has brought me, the first song came on "The Requiem" before i say anything let me tell you that what im about to say is not a bad thing. as the song started i new it was something different, but honestly i dont think i have ever witnessed something more scary and threatening in my life, i literally turned the volume down a little just to keep listening, but that is a really cutting-edge-of-your-seat song, as the album went on to 'When They Come For Me' i felt like i was in some type of jungle, it was crazy, i love how this album contemplates with real life and what is going on in our world, this is something ive been waiting for

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