A Thousand Suns is Awesome! You don't like?! Who cares 'bout you?!

After I listened to LP's new album , I felt GREAT!! Each song conveys a messsage and each song is fantastic.

Now, I have seen so many people criticizing them , saying they don't sound like before. I agree. But I feel that 

LP now sounds better than anyone in the class of music they have created with AST.


No wonder they worked hard for almost 3 years before releasing this album. All those people who are saying things about LP's changed sound and all, well, I don't care. Find someone else. Hope you find your previous taste of "nu-metal, rap-rock" style, but you won't. LP was the best there too.


I think Linkin Park's experimentation with music "began" with Minutes to Midnight. A Thousand Suns is the product, the awesome, heart-pounding and thought-provoking realization  of LP's dream. 

It takes a great deal of dedication to create something. Some stereotypical people and hypocrites cannot destroy it.

LP forever. 

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Comment by Ieva Laurinaviciute on March 4, 2011 at 10:03am
I agree with you LP is the best and their new album is wonderfull.LP work hard because of us fans that we can listen good music but not all fans appreciate their hard work.


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