I have loved Linkin Park since 2003.
I turned on the t.v. (MTV or MTV2)
when I was about 12 years old,
and there was LP's Numb music video.
The second I watched it, I became entranced
and almost addicted to the song and video,
I just had to keep watching this amazing video over and over again,
and sought to find out more about this new, interesting, band.
A couple of days later I bought Meteora.
It changed my life.
Then I found out that they had already released Hybrid Theory.
I was slightly crushed to learn that this incredible band had already been kicking ass
and I just found out about it, but they're music captivated me so, that I couldn't just let it go.
So.... here I am today, and I have to say..
I have experienced no change what-so-ever in the
love and gratitude I have and express to this remarkable band.
This new album "A Thousand Suns" is probably the best damn thing I've ever heard.
It's like I get to live/enjoy the HT experience/feeling, that's wow powerful this new album is to me.
But, this not only reminds me of HT, but it has the new lyrics and strong, meaningful, messages
being portrayed, similar to the message/lyrics of Minutes To Midnight.
I think of it as Hybrid Theory and Minutes To Midnight had a baby and A Thousand Suns was it.
A spectacular, riveting, mind-blowing mix and combination. I can't really express it in words. I try.

Linkin Park, you didn't have to "awe" and "wow"
and completely, utterly shock me...
But'cha ya did.... deeply..
(this hits me on a number of emotions/past experiences
I'm trying to let go, and you're music has always helped me.)
And all I have to say is.... THANK YOU!
From the complete bottom of heart, thank you.
You've worked you're ass's off and it has definitely paid off, in my honest opinion.

Never let those haters get you down.
Some people wanted "the old Linkin Park" back...
I think you gave people that.. and MORE.


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Comment by Raya on October 2, 2010 at 12:02am
Absolutely and TOTALLY agree!!! :)
Comment by Kimberly Andresen on October 1, 2010 at 2:19pm
Really.. all that sums it up for you too?
Wow.. that's funny.
Yah.. ever since Numb released I've been kinda obsessed..
I can control my obsession better now that I'm older.. lol.
But.. anyway..

I'm sooo glad that LP is coming back to Seattle!..
It's been since 2007 since I've seen them..
I jumped and screamed so much that I lost my voice
and my legs hurt so much I couldn't right for a couple days..
And when my friend cracked my back it was the loudest crack I've EVER heard my body make..
Damn... it was intense.. but all worth it.... and sooo amazing.. omg...
*sigh* I can't wait to see them again.. I just have to find out when we can buy ticket so they don't get sold out.

Have you seen them live?
Comment by Christina Mort on September 30, 2010 at 4:40pm
That right there sums it all up for me as well. Numb is my favorite video and song of theirs.

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