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Join Linkin Park at the September 7th A Thousand Suns: The Debut Listening Event and Laser Light Exhibition. This listening event is for current LPU annual members and LPUX annual member pre-orders only. Members of Linkin Park will be present for special a Q&A session with select event attendees. Limited FREE tickets still available for this special event. If you are a current LPU member, RSVP now at LPUnderground.com. If you're not an LPU member, you can reserve your ticket now by pre-ordering LPUX with a ticket to the event.

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Comment by Lance2769 on August 31, 2010 at 7:58am
Rizk Shinoda....No, the new album does not sound at all like 'Across the Line'. I love that song however, that song is too "simple" and straight forward compared to the tracks I heard on 'A Thousand Suns'. The new tracks are multi-layered with more electronica (similar to Hybrid Theory) with harder hitting beats and sound more unique, "complex" and "fuller" sounding than 'Across the Line'. They only "simple tracks" I heard on the album were 'Iridescent' and "The Messenger'. I'm using words like "simple, complex and multi-layered" because its very hard to describe their new sound but trust me, it has something for everyone!!
Comment by Rizky スキャンダル on August 31, 2010 at 7:37am
Can't Wait ATS and Waiting Fot The End...!!!!! LP is my Life !!!

the Catalyst is not benchmark for ATS...because The Catalyst is weak song at ATS..

Lance...i want to ask if you reply my comment...ATS is sound like one of LP demo 'Across The Line'??
Comment by BHARATH PARK on August 31, 2010 at 4:09am
Thanks lance for reviw and i wish icould have been there!
but wat really got me excited was that lance said that the catalyst was one of
their weaker songs.For me it was a pretty strong song , so imagine how strong the other songs wud be like!!!
Comment by LINKINPARKTHELEGNND on August 31, 2010 at 4:01am
thx lance a lot for that information

keep on lp
Comment by Alexandre on August 31, 2010 at 1:53am
Thanks Lance for your review!
Comment by Peter Dimitrov on August 31, 2010 at 12:33am
Great review, Lance! Jamaal, have fun bro! Wish I could go there too... ;(
Comment by Lance2769 on August 30, 2010 at 11:07pm
I just got home from listening to the new album at a secret Listening Party at Warner Bros records in Burbank with 19 other LPU members. We were told we could blog about it so here is the scoop. The listening party we had was filmed and we were told might be used for a future LPTV clip on this site and Youtube. Now about the album...
The album is sick!!! Take all the good elements of every Linkin Park album and mash them up and you have it here. There's something here for every LP fan. There's more Joe Hahn scratching, electronica and Mike doing some great raps especially on the hard hitting 'Wretches and Kings'. You also get Chester screamin on 'Blackout'. My fave track was 'Waiting for The End. It was insane!! Mike rapping with Chester singing and the music is a fusion of Beck-style beats, electronica with a reggae-rap fusion. Sounds crazy but it was sooo good!! Everyone there agreed it was one of the best songs. Its a style never heard of before. The Warner Bros head guy confirmed that this would be there next single!!! Mark my words: This will be a number #1 hit for them and the song will be a classic for them. The opening title is called The Requiem- it's amazing - its an instrumental interlude that opens up with the verse from the Catalyst "...god save us everyone, where be burn in the fire of a thousand suns...." but sung very slowly and in an almost feminine voice (we were told it was Mike's voice but tweeked). The album builds on this opening song and goes into a story-like selection of songs ala Pink Floyd. The interludes were short and almost unnecessary. They were not your classic LP instrumentals. Instead, they used powerful sound bytes of speeches made by Martin Luther King Jr and one sounded like JFK, another one was in Latin which I could not understand. Again, not really necessary but they used these to tie some of the songs together. In my opinion, The Catalyst was one of their weaker songs after listening to the whole album. Iridescent was there most "vanilla" song. It is a soft, slow beautiful song and not very "experimental" like the other songs. Sounded like it could have come straight from the Minutes to Midnight CD which is not a bad thing. The only song I disliked was the last one called The Messenger. It was a stripped down acoustic-like lullaby sung by Chester. Almost sounded like 'Poison'. I just felt the album should have ended with their strongest song but one of the LP members made a good point to mention that the album takes you on a journey and leaves you with nothing which is why that song fit in being so plain and stripped. These are my faves in order:
Waiting for the End - their next single - rap/electronica, reggae fusion
Wretches and Kings - Fort Minor mixed with LP - Shinoda rapping at his hard hitting best
Blackbird - Chester doing his screamin thing along with everyone else showcasing their stuff (Mr Hahn scratching, Brad and Phonenix on guitars, Mike singing/not rapping and Rob on drums
Robot Boy - a sweet ass slow song sang by Mike - very unique sounding
Burning the Skies - the first real song on the album that introduces you to the new LP sound that no one has ever heard of.
The world has no idea what is coming their way with this album!! I dare to say that this album is probably their best ever and one of the best by ANY band or solo artist - artistic-wise. They have created a new sound-style unlike anything you've ever heard but the beats are insane...you can dance..mosh...rap and sing..to these songs. You will see what I mean when they're second song drops. Finally...something for everyone! Hope you enjoyed my review. BTW - we were told the Listening Event for next week is going to be in a big venue and everyone should be getting email confirmations on the details of it soon. They said it was being produced by Mike and will have a lot of multi-media imagery, pics and art along with the laser show. A few of the guys will be on hand to answer questions afterward. We were all invited back for that one as well.
Comment by LinkinParkForever275 on August 30, 2010 at 3:57pm
Nice!!! Hope you have fun there US fans :)
Comment by Jessy Uppal on August 30, 2010 at 3:20pm
Comment by Goms xing on August 30, 2010 at 11:41am
I live on the other side of the world~too, and in China ,so many young guys love your songs~~~


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