So the first american band i ever heard was LP, One Step Closer on Cassette (lol 90's) so they got a special place in my music library, they are my favorite. I bought HT, Meteora and Reanimation, and No More Sorrow from MtM and Wretches and Kings from ATS, so whats wrong with this picture? New albums arent good only 1 song from each one is decent =/
I know MtM had bout bout 4 more "listenable" songs, but the new album isnt rock at all...its like pop/techno/alternative/auto-tune crap. Its a waste of money I think, I'm not buying it, but I still hope they make $$ so they can make a GOOD album in the future, cuz the past 2 were HUGE dissappointments for old LP supporters.

I dont wanna bash LP but they just arent that good anymore, and gettin worse, chester whispers in all his songs wtf are the hard vocals. Its all weird pop music, very very slow and quiet, not sayin they should turn to trash metal but a lil louder, like HT wasnt "fast" but it had a good melody to it and got you pumped up, this stuff makes you fall asleep and sleep through the album(lol). Its like they dont care bout the ppl who was with the band from HT and wanna "move on/make a new sound" aka make some easy $$ by making beats I can do on my computer =/
Dont mean to hate on LP but they are sucking big time recently, hopefuly they get their shit together and make a decent rock album so I can go buy 10 copies of it to show some support cuz I havent bought a LP album since Reanimation! =(
There I've said whats on my mind, laters.

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Comment by Rome on September 15, 2010 at 12:13am
haha I was a lil upset and pissed, cuz i heard Wretches and Kings and was sooo excited theyhad a haevy hitting song on the album and thought maybe the album would be a heavy hitter too, but it tourned out opposite. then I let my dissapointment flow in this blog lol.
Comment by Vebo on September 14, 2010 at 5:41pm
Hybrid theory and Meteora was phenomenal.
Minutes to Midnight was ok.
A Thousand Sun was as if Linkin Park just slapped my face. :( QQ
Comment by Night on September 14, 2010 at 5:14pm
*claps* agreed


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