Linkin Park is the best rock band ever I thought Linkin Park should see this wallpaper and video for their music video to Burn it Down this video was not accepted on for the contest for reasons I don't know why so I decided to post it here on Linkin Park's official website for all the fans of linkin park to see, this video brings out in my opinion the true meaning of what the song is all about just watch the whole video and you will see what I mean hopefully linkin park will give this video the chance it deserves.


Linkin Park- Burn It Down- Music Video Contest Entry from Brandon Parker on Vimeo.

Read to learn about why I did this video

This is a video I did for the Linkin Park Burn It Down Music video contest I decided to upload it here as I finished the video at last minute then when I thought I was good to upload it I could not I will put a link to the website where to contest is so you can compare my work with some of the others as there are a few good ones that I was up against that uploaded there at lat minute themselves

This is also a tribute video to the victims of the waldo canyon fire that hit colorado springs as for myself I do live in colorado but I live in Pueblo and I was one of the lucky ones who did not have to see the fire but I did anyway that is how I got the footage I wanted to use it in the Linkin Park contest. I kind of had trouble with filming a little in some areas as it is hard to film when I am doing most of the work myself and living here in Pueblo, Colorado it sucks here no one here really has a youtube channel or even takes an interest in making short films.

link to contest
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