I was thinking about the Linkin Park's concert yesterday and if we stop to think, I realized the difference between the show of 2004 and last year. Quality of visual/media resources changed to better than before (just a simple cenary) and hundreds of leds play together the guys. It's so freaking fantastic to see live.

And the music videos won new things, new cameras, and it's still good, but not like before. I see repetition of pictures, like everything was pieces and all put together. In trully, before was more simple, but unreal for the age. Like, In The End video was released in 2000 and it has amazing graphics elements there. See Iridescent: it's the craziest graphic/cameras elements there, but not magical than In The End.

Anyway, I love all music videos, just thinking about this difference. Hope I can read this for years and years and I hope Mike really will reply one of my emails too. :)

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