All of your fans that have been there since Oct. 30, 2000

Plz everyone that knows LPs old shit help bring it to mind that all the fans like me want to here Chester lay it all out like he has in the past, such as Hybrid Theory. Come on Chester give all us long time fans at least one more album like old times I am almost 21 years old an have been listen since all of LP wrote there first song One Step Closer and bout the Hybrid Theory album on October 30, 2000. I don't know bout the new fans but all of the people i grew up with in  Graham Texas, Bridgeport Texas, Jacksboro Texas, and even friends of mine in Las Vegas Nevada are waiting for you LP. I've been up all night formulating these words and how to bring them to mind. I've been waiting for you LP since March 24, 2003 bought Meteora and LOVED it. AT LEAST ONE MORE LINKIN PARK. I know all of you have to miss that style of music. I have followed you guys since the beginning.

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