In 1999, Ralph wanted to take a trip to New York City in September. We went for a weekend in either August or September, I forgot. We spent ridiculous amounts of money on tickets to go to an Old Timers game, oh the funniness and irony of it all. Well, it's only only appropriate that's where I got pregnant with Anna. Three of my ex-husbands best friends are Joseph Lussier, he used to work at Triple A, I don't know where he works now. He probably works, helping to support the "business." He always touted himself as a huge Red Sox fan, but looking back, he was wearing the camoflage. The next is Ronald Campbell, he's a fellow Jehovah's Witness. I think he's an accountant, I think, I can't really remember. I know he got married in 2008. The next is a guy named Mark or Marc, I can't remember his last name, it might be Mariano- I'm not sure,. He's an accountant as well. It's only appropriate he should have some accountant friends, to help Ralph funnel the money, if you know what I mean. And I find it interesting that the company Metron, Inc. is met ron split. Did my father name the company after Ronald Campbell??? Also, let's not forget Progressive Learning Center at 189 Tollgate Rd. in Warwick, RI. Good ole Ann Marie Alviti, let's give a toast to one of the key players. I don't have time to go into why now, but she faciliatated a lot of shenanigans. There was a point in the summer of 2006, I think it was, that Emily was throwing a lot of tantrums, flipping out over anything and everything. Ann Marie actually called me in to see her and told me to get Emily a squeeze ball to help her deal with stress. Emily also started peeing her pants a lot that summer even though she'd been potty trained. That summer anna was the YMCA summer camp..... Well times up, more tomorrow....................

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