And on and on the curse goes........will it ever end???????????

Fortunetlyfor all you Red Sox fans out there I remembered that a friend named Joanne at the shelter gave me her library card number, so I can vent a bit more today. So anyhoo, about a week prior to 8.31.06 Emily had become very aggressive toward her sister Anna. We were at home,and while I was out the room, Emily did something to Anna. I sent her upstairs to her room for a time out. I went to check on her and she had taken her underwear off and was fondling herself. She smiled and said to me,"Why don't you pee on me?" I said,"What!!?" "Why would I do that?" She said "Because it's fun." I asked her if anyone had ever peed on her. She said yes. I said where. She said at school, Progressive Learning Center. I asked her where she was when this happened.. She said at the bathroom at school. I asked her where the teacher was. She said Miss Kathy was hiding in between the toilets. I asked her why she was hiding. She said because the monster headed man was coming. I asked her who that was. She said a man teacher that comes to school sometimes. I said really, I didn't know there were any men teachers. She said yeah, he only comes sometimes. I asked her what he looked like. She said that he had a tiger costume on the bottom and a mask with all eyes on his head. I asked her if any other kids were in the room, she said yes, it was either 4 boys and 2 girls or 4 girls and 2 boys.She knew al their names.I asked her what they were doing. She said that they were scared and screaming because they knew the moster headed man was coming. I asked her what happened next. She said they all were peeing on her and telling her she was a bad girl. I asked her what happened next. She said the monster headed man showed up. She said then he peed on her and then touched her her here and here, pointing to indicate her chest and her privates. I asked her what happened next. She said that Ann Marie came and got her wet clothes and got her some different clothes. I didn't think to ask her that day, or maybe it was later that day, I asked her if she ever saw his face without the mask. She said yes she did. I asked who was it, she said poppa, which is what she called my father. Which is interesting because, at my "parents" house they have a CabbagePatch doll, I think it was norman, that has a tiger costume on that my "mom" sewed for the doll when I was a kid. After she told me this story, to say I felt disturbed was an understatement. I called Progreesive LearningCenter and told Ann Marie that Emily would not be back. I would not send her somewhere where I have doubts about what's going onbehind closed doors. She became EXTRMELY defiant and hostile and said that Emily has a

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