I started saying "holy Shinoda" something like a few months ago... one of my friends online said it, and I decided I liked it. So, it kind of became my catch phrase.


Last night, however, I got to say holy Shinoda at the sight of... Mike Shinoda, who else? I'd always daydreamed about there eventually being a time where I could say "holy Shinoda, it's Mike Shinoda!" And now, I can officially say that I've done that.


Ah, the meet and greet last night. I don't think I've ever been more excited about anything in my life. EVER. The wait in line (surprisingly) was fun enough. I met a couple of really cool people and got to act obsessive in front of other people who were just as obsessive. But then, they led us through the door, past this random gate thingy, through another door and into this room, and started explaining things to us.


"Cameras... signing... bhaiongiodsyhfklfdvar..." I wasn't paying attention to the guys up front at all as they explained the meet and greet. A couple of my friends had been to them before (and Susy got to go to two of them, ghrnfaoyihhfdsklayh) so I knew what to expect. So, as I wasn't paying attention, I found myself gazing out the door that we had walked in, when all of a sudden...


Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap, there they were. That right there was my holy Shinoda moment. I didn't even get to say it out loud, though. I couldn't form words. Hell, I couldn't form a halfway coherent thought! I just stood there, standing and pointing and stuttering.


Then, the guy next to me noticed them, and started clapping and cheering, and the rest of of followed suit. Then, they led us through the line down the table where the guys were sitting. I got my ATS shirt signed, and got to shake all of their hands. I was freaking melting, no joke. I was actually supposed to tell Chester hi from my friend Camryn, and Mike hi from a bunch of my online friends, but I forgot. I just wasn't thinking about that at all; all I could think about was the fact that there I was, within two feet of the six men I've idolized since I was in first grade.


The whole thing took about ten minutes or something. Everyone went down the table, they took a group picture, and then it was over - I was pretty sad! But then, I noticed that Dave was still lingering by the table. So, I walked up to him and pointed my camera at the two of us. He smiled and hugged me as I was taking the picture - eee!


Then, the concert. Oh my fxcking god, I have no words for the concert at all. I mean, I guess I do, but... it's just an expression!


Anyway, I know it's all been described before by a million different people, but I'm going to do it again. They instituted a perfect mix of their old and new songs, and their energy pulsed through the AAC in this shockwave of awesomeness. There were times when the building was literally shaking with the beat of their music - especially during The Requiem and The Catalyst, oh my god. It took me until about halfway through to realize that I was actually there, looking down on practically the gods.


I thought I was dreaming.


Skip some time, then they closed with One Step Closer (I busted my vocal chords yelling "shut up") and we left to go home. I guess I fell asleep in the car or something, because the next thing I remember was waking up in my bed.


"Hmm," I muttered to myself, "that was a nice dream."


But then, I looked down and saw my jeans with my new buttons up the side of the leg, my tour T-shirt, my wristband and keychain, and my meet and greet pass, all still on me, and I knew it was real.


It was real, and it was the best time of my life.


Thanks, Linkin Park, for an amazing night! <3

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Comment by Betty on March 5, 2011 at 4:48pm

I found you, Diane! :) Guess who it is:D

Ahh I'm suffering from post-LP Concert depression. I can't believe it's all over so quick:( I remember we all posted our concert dates on the app as soon as they were announced. Enough about me, glad to hear you had fun!!! You must've had a blast!


Comment by Julian on March 4, 2011 at 2:04am
nice review, makes me wanna hear The Catalyst live too!
Comment by Jennifer Youel on March 3, 2011 at 9:28am

This is so funny cuz I have been saying Holy Shinoda for a few months too, but none of my friends get it.  Lucky You!!!  I saw them in Denver last week, but did not get a M&G.


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