Hey Fellow LP Fans!

Here's another dream I got recently & it has really driven me crazy! I got feelings for Joe thanks to this dream & I can't get over it ^_^


Disclaimer: I do not intend to defame any member of Linkin Park (or anyone else) through this post. This is entirely a product of my subconscious imagination and I haven't made this up.

d dream starts in a weird manner; i'm already performin wid LP on stage & i'm a newly-famous rockstar then. all LP
guys r friendly
wid me (except Phi).

aftr d show LP guys meet up & decide 2 make me a part of LP :D Phi gets pissed & says 'if
dat kid's gonna
join d band, I QUIT'. aftr a lot of discussion,
LP deicde Phi isn't dat important either xD they ask me bout joining d
band :D

Me: but wat bout d fans? wat'll they say wen Phi leaves/ wen a girl joins LP? Mike: fuck dat! ur in :D :D *i'm on cloud

in d band i'm a rapper/ gutiarist/ pianist (female Mike) & our songs r like fights b/w a couple. LP bcomes d band of d century!

aftr d enormous success of d album we have a family dinner @ chaz's place & Talinda gets me ready (i luk lyk a
100% girl! LOL)
i look so lady-like @ d dinner dat Joe bcoms a
gentleman 2 me & is really sweet 2 me. u won't believe what happens
next...xD <3

well...Joe & I... ( i h8 2 say dis coz many Joe fans wud want 2 kill me) we KISSED!!!

then we both get along really well & i shift base from Mike's house to Joe's house (separate bedrooms! no vulgar
thoughts :P)
it ws supposed 2 b my winter break from coll &
Anna had invited me 2 her place. now, i shift 2 Joe's place 4 d rest of

later, Joe & Mike drive me back 2 university (they actually drive from LA 2 RI jus 4 me!) & i cry wen we reach..
:( really sad...
i hug them both (Mike 1st) & he gets
eyeliner on his shirt! ^^ Joe has tears in his eyes too & we promise
2 chat
on skype everyday...we chat on skype, blackberry,

finally Mike calls me 1 day & says 'we're buying a studio in
Boston so v all can b closer 2 u. plus, Joe can't
work; he's too depressed these days. hasn't touched his DJ booth 4 a
while' :D

so they come 2 Boston every alternate weekend & we work on more award-winning music (btw our previous album won 4
Grammys) ;D

did i mention dat Joe comes almost every weekend??? xD yes, he does :) i don't remember details bout those
weekends though..

Joe picks me up 1 weekend & drives me 2 sum unknown place sayin 'i wanna show u sth' :) sadly, i wake up before i can c d surprise :(

So, how did u like the dream? I seriously can't stop thinking about it since I got it and thought sharing it with fellow LP fans would be a nice idea :)

Please comment & tell me which was your favourite part of the dream. Mine was the part in which Joe & I bid a teary goodbye to each other...


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