Aug 19, 2011


This last week I've been doing some random sketches at work creating an idea for the work I do in the Magazine. So far I've been opening up my creativity and mixing some of my old style of art into a new style I've developed in my Web & Print Production Artist program in College by using my new tools and programs. Right now I'm using Photoshop CS4 and Illustrator CS4 at home; they're big programs but since I took that course two years ago it's like riding a bike. Can't wait to create a vector art version of my latest piece of art! So far my progress in my work and stuff has been expanding into a whole new thing I'd never thought I would get into. Like for instance I'd never knew I would ever do Graphic Art and here I am working with programs, and the training I've been through really paid it off.


I've recently recieved my LPU t-shirt and stuff in a 3-4 month wait but it was worth it, since I could access online still, and getting to see some of the other LPU members in the chat room. I'll be missing out on the chat when Brad comes online, but I'll be sure to be online on the next one. If anyone wants to chat with me, my username is unique. It's a name I've created and never saw a duplicate of it what so ever. The name is Ruumatsuku.

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