Aside from LP, I'm Making prints aling the way

Alright, I know this is the LINKINPARK.COM and all but there is more to me then LP. I love them I do! I play there music as many times I I possibly can... BUT my new love, wich has always been there way before LP came along are pets. I wish I could be rich and protect all them animals in the words that suffer under the hands of humans but for now, I am trying my best to educate my family and friends the inportnace of animal issues out there. There are so many things that at times I think we all just ignore it, or simply case it to the side and say "Well that'ts not for me!"

I have created my little website, wich cost me some money that I could have used for something like make up or whatever else girls buy, but instead I created the website to educate my friends of events, and issues that really have touched my heart. It may not be the BEST LOOKING website, or the most Educational one but I hope it opens eyes. If you have a second please check it out, let me know what you think. Let me hear your pet stories, good or bad. Paws N Me is more then just a website it's me trying to convinve people of the inpact animals make in our life. Everyday I will make a print along side my pets, and I hope I have you guys to help me too.

Please visit Paws N' Me and submit your stories of links or anything that can help. Thanks and good day!

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