So it all started on my way to Atlanta, GA on Saturday (1/22) in the car when I was randomly checking my e-mail on my phone, and getting yelled at by my husband saying "GET OFF THE PHONE! YOU'RE WASTING MY HARD WORKING MONEY!"; and then all of a sudden I see a e-mail from LPU HQ that involved some sort of e-mail confirmation. I open it up, and I screamed at the top of my lungs for five minutes screaming in my husbands ear saying "I WON! I WON! I CAN FINALLY MEET MIKE SHINODA AND THE REST OF LP!" and I think a few "OMGS!" were said. I think he is now deaf in his right ear, and now needs medical attention....or a hearing aid. Whatever comes first.


When I got to the Holiday Inn hotel the first thing I asked for was where the business center was, so I can print my e-mail confirmation before I check into my room. The hotel clerk looked at me funny, smiled, and nodded his head thinking I'm some werido. I almost forget about checking in, and I rushed to my hotel room on the 5th floor banging the elevator button trying to get to my room. I threw everything thing on the bed, rush back down stairs, nearly tripping on the way, and type over 9,000 wpm to get to my e-mail. I ended up printing out the confirmation with no patience what so ever.


After all that I went to go see fish in the GA Aquarium, and that concludes my Saturday, and I didn't get any sleep that night; because all I could think about was what to get signed and worried if I could even bring in the thing I wanted to get signed. I am the most paranoid and busiest person you'll ever meet. But I promise I was well behaved regardless of my out of sight fangirling (poor husband though he wished he had a ear off switch).


Ok now we move onto Sunday! I woke up at 7 AM, and I ate breakfast. Then I walked up the 9,000 hills to the Philips Arena at 9 AM. Husband and I met only one other Linkin Park fan from Atlanta who has been there since 8 AM. I swear to God it was a Ghost Town, and I guess all the smart people decided to sleep in instead of standing in 35 F weather. So after about 90 walks around the arena we stayed in the CNN Center for God knows how long, went back to the hotel to change, and then husband and I went out to the International Boulevard entrance to see about 12 people in front of us. I found another meet and greet person, and I just stayed with him. By the way I like how the International Boulevard had only two signs saying "International Boulevard --->" but it doesn't tell you to turn left or right. Thank you security!


By the way we ate Chester inside the CNN center, and he tasted like fried chicken.  Anyone who visits the CNN center should definitely have some tasty Chester chicken.



















Two hobos asking for gloves and three bag checks by security later we were allowed inside. Staff had no idea what they were doing, because they didn't know that gold side up on wrist bands meant floor; and white meant seats. Husband went straight to floor, and I went to portal 6 where the merchandise stand was along with the Jack Daniels booth. I met another fan that was waiting for the meet and greet, and we sat down and talked while our husbands talked about guy stuff and drank beer.


Around 7:30 PM myself and the rest of the meet and greeters went to the bottom level to the basketball area that is used for whenever teams decide to practice. A quarter of the floor was blocked off by black curtains leaving me questioning if the band was there. We were welcomed to the little area behind the curtains by LPs staff to see ATS back drop with bottles of water on the tables. I got my pass, and stood basically where you see the picture below.


Yeah Hugo is blocking my way, but that's ok ahahaha. The LP staff did the questions like "Why is Phoenix called "Phoneix"?", "Which three band members support a beard?", "Name all of LPs CDs", and "Name all of LPs DVD releases." The people got the questions right got limited edition vinyls, and something in a small plastic wrapping I couldn't even see. The staff mentioned about the European Music awards, music for relief, asked where we were from, what they do for the band, and if this is out first LP concert. Mark Fiore eventually came in, but don't remember where he disappeared too.


Then I see the doors open, and out comes Rob, Joe, Mike (with his coffee lol), Phoenix (IDR what he was holding, so I am going to pretend it looked like a Diet Coke...or beer whatever), Brad, and Chester.


We all clapped, and cheered well...everyone else was I tried to without being stupid and drop all my things I was holding haha. Anyways when it was my turn I was stopped, and photographed because of what my meet and greet item was. I had no idea how to hold it, and I ended up covering my face at first, and then below my chin. When that was done I finally got to the beginning of the table.


Chester - Nice guy, firm hand shake, I said thank you, and he said you're welcome...moved on. At the end of the meet and greet he came to the table and tried to meet and greet with Mike. Mike asked security to come and get him haha. It was funny.


Brad - Complained about something about his hair being chopped in the photo, and he drew a line over it, shook his hand, said thank you, and moved on lol.


Phoenix - Saw my magazine, asked if I knew Japanese, I said not enough to start a conversation, and he said something to me in Japanese that took me a second to register (It was the lyrics to Jornada del Muerto), and I said no...haha. Shook his hand, and moved on.


Mike - Got to him, and I told him that LPU Chat has a message, Joe and Mike in unison said "Oh God", and I laughed. I just told them LPU Chat says hi (I am sorry guys you gave me way too many things to say LOL), and he says that's a nice message. Shook his hand, and moved on.


Joe - He complained how he was too close to Chester lol. Shook his hand moved on.


Rob - Shook his hand, he didn't say anything, he signed, and that was it.


Very nice people.


One of the staff members named Megumi asked where I got this from I mentioned I use a forwarding service like Tenso to get my Linkin Park magazines from Japan. After that I stood off to the left side facing the table to get ready for the group photo.


If I remember correctly......Chester was up front kneeling, Mike came on the left side behind me, and I think Rob was on the left. The other three were some where I forgot. After the shot a lot of fans left, and some of us stayed behind to talk to Chester, Joe, and Mike. Chester and Joe were goofing off making silly-funny poses while myself and about three other people were talking to Mike about LPU, Halo (I forgot what this was about lol something about gamer tags IDK I hate Halo), photoshoots, and he signed a few things.



I asked what the deal was with this photo apparently the photographer decided to take the picture while he was fixing his shirt. ~pats photographer~ I don't even know why Linkin Park is upside down. I guess GRINDHOUSE wanted to be cool with the LP thing.


OK! after all that I came back up the 10,000 flights of steps, and met up with my husband still talking to the other husband about guy stuff. After five more minutes of screaming his left ear went death. Then we went to one of the upper  decks to see what the floor was like. The first two bands were already done with.


(Even though this pic is before the meet and greet)


Went to the floor, and I stayed in the back with my husband, and then two of my friends from where we lived came by us. They haven't heard ATS yet, so I had to give them a little insight about what we would all be in for as this was also my first Linkin Park Concert.


Then the concert started with "The Requiem" and everybody up front, from what I could see, was screaming and pushing forward. Everybody in the back stood still, and the band came out. The beginning of "Wretches and Kings" started, and I was thinking they go straight into the song itself, but nope "Papercut" was first. I moved up as close as I could where my short behind could see.


After "Papercut" the band played "Wretches and Kings." Getting to sway my arm up in the air from "side to side" was awesome. I enjoyed moving to this song a lot. My jumping, clapping, and moving around went on for a while till "Iridescent" I felt moved, and could feel all the passion being played from the song. It was just an interesting experience to see this song live.


I was really happy when my favorite song (Crawling) was played. I was really happy, and I smiled really big. At some point I don't remember when Mike pointed the microphone to the crowd as he stood on the rail. I think it was during "In The End" but I can't remember. Everyone started singing, and it was just great. The last song "Bleed it Out" with the mixture of songs was very interesting to say the least.


This part is going to be out of order, but these are what really did it for me:


I enjoyed watching "When They Come For Me" live. I like watching all the drum beats live. I definitely loved moving around to this song.


What shocked me though was in front of me I saw this one couple slow dancing to "The Messenger", and by then my husband was no where to be found (Later I found out he moved up to where Phoenix was), and I couldn't ask him to dance. Seeing couples dance at a concert like this was new to me, and I enjoyed the feeling Chester and the others were able to express; and what the happy couples were able to show. I now really like "The Messenger" more then I have before.

There is just so much I wish I could just throw it all down on this live report, but I am sure I have made this long enough.

After the concert was over husband and I went back to the hotel to get ready for bed, because we were leaving at 6 AM Monday morning.


All in all I enjoyed this concert, every song was just amazing live, and I was very happy to meet the band for the first time. I definitely can't wait till LP tours Atlanta again! Maybe by then people will start lining up at 9 AM, and not at 1 PM haha.


Set List:


The Requiem


Wretches and Kings

Given Up

New Divide


Empty Spaces

When They Come For Me

No More Sorrow

Journada de Muerto

Waiting for the End

Wisdom, Justice, and Love



The Raidance

Breaking the Habit

Shadow of the Day

One Step Closer




The Catalyst

The Messenger

In The End

What I've Done

Bleed It Out (BITS Chorus, APFMH Verse 1 and bridge)


Mike - Thanks for talking with me and some of the other fans. You have a lot to say, and I respect that haha. You were absolutely amazing live on the keys, guitar, and the songs in general.


Chester - Very energetic, and funny. Watching you do goofy things in the meet and greet was great. Your singing was awesome, and you kept the crowd pumped and moving.


Joe - I don't know what to say here. You are just awesome DJing in general.


Phoenix - LOL I don't have any BASS things to put here, so just keep being the super special awesome bass player ok? Love your playing style, and how you preformed on stage.


Brad - Meh, I don't even know what to put here. Awesome outlining skills lols. Keep rockin` on the guitar!


Rob - Hit! Smash! Slam! You are great on the drums! Thanks for putting on an awesome show!


Yeah I am bad at summaries sorry lol. Everyone was just really great live, and yeah.


Anyways that concludes my long ramble of a report. I will add more in later if I can even remember anything else that I haven't said already!


-Kameiko LPUX Member

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Comment by Allison Beard on January 27, 2011 at 6:51am
@Arsinen - YAY! I didn't buy merchandise this time (I usually don't buy merchandise). There was shirts being sold at the merchandise table across from portal 6.
Comment by Arsinen on January 26, 2011 at 9:07pm

@Allison Oh I know. I've been to 2 LP shows before. 8P FUCK I'M SO EXCITED FOR MY SHOW NOW.

Hey what about merch? no shirts?

Comment by Allison Beard on January 26, 2011 at 4:30pm

@Arsinen - A lot better then any DIR EN GREY show. It was amazing, and you'll love it!


@SusieQ - You're welcome!


@Jasmin Engelman - Thanks! Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!


@Nicholas - I am very glad you liked it, and I don't have anything else to add I am sorry. I love writing long reports about my experiences and sharing them with people.



Comment by Arsinen on January 26, 2011 at 3:05pm

So compared to a Diru was it? 8D

FUCK I'm so excited. Judging from commented above people don't usually write live reports. Oo Guess it's just us weirdo DIRENGREY fans that do that. 8P

Comment by Jasmin Engelmann on January 25, 2011 at 4:48am
wow this is an awesome report!!! i'd like to add mine too, but unfortunately it's lost with lpu9 and i wasn't smart enough to save it *grmblgrmblpatsmyselfgrmbl*
Comment by Nicholas on January 24, 2011 at 6:31pm

@Dear Kameiko!

Thanks for the really great update about the Georgia show.  It was really nice of you to spend the time to share your experiences with the whole of us here at!  I have been a long time fan and can't imagine how you must have felt when you got picked for the M & G.  I hope that I might be so lucky to have the same luck as you.

The blog post is great I love how you broke it all down and commented on everything from your opinion.


Your comments of the members in the band seem to confirm what I had already expected they would be like.  I thank you for taking the time to write!

If you should have anything else to add please do!


Thanks from Nicholas from Toronto, Canada


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