All those reading this have to first get the feeling of 'Blazing mouths' and 'Heavy guitar Riffs' out coz u r looking at the wrong place here to find em.

Now what makes LP special is that they have redifined music as we know they can put out. I first heard HT EP and then went onto the Monumental HT itself. Actually I' ve heard a bit of XERO as well( Their first band of sorts). Every time they put out an album something new is up. The real hardcore LP fans will be able to distinguish between two successsive albums.

Suns according to me is a feather in their cap. Though there was no drastic change from HT to Meteora, u would never have had a 'BREAKING THE HABIT' or 'NUMB' in HT. There was no 'In The End' in meteora.'With you' was probably one of their heaviest songs ever along with 'A place for my head'. Those songs I am sure were a misfit in Meteora. Then along came M2M and it was four years worht the wait. Musically and Lyrically it was far superior than HT & MET and I must admit I never thought LP could pull of such a collection of songs lyrically. Music wise they have a breathe of fresh air ever since 24th OCT 2000. i am sure most of you will agree that none of the songs (Including BLEED it OUT and Given Up) would fit into MET lyrically. The guitars in those songs are more raw then in HT or MET. M2M was more of a drain out than just spread wide and OCEANS swallowed it up.

Suns is just something no contemporary band can ever think of pulling off. Just place u r selves into their position and imagine the fine line they would have had to tread to throw the music that made them ,away. The magnitute of the decision itself is enormous.

Now coming to the review of the album. I just heard an interview where chester says they actually dont care much about people likin the album or not. They will continue to do what they feel is fun. i am not going to say to blindly beieve that.NO!!

So neway this review is coming from a person who is a die hard fan of MUSIC and linkin park.


1. The Requiem------First time listen---Just an INTRo better than WAKE and Foreword. As u listen to it more and more u will notice sounds that u have never heard ever in music b4 and I am serious. The guitar has been probably samples a trillion times and the Girl singing is MIKE!!!!Incredible. To pull that off on stage is going to be secial Let's see. Also after listening to the entire album u ll notice that The REQUIEM is structured and made up of sounds and 'LYRICS' that u will later on find in other songs of the album.


2. The Radiance--------I have already b4 heard this speech and being a HINDU know about this scripture and verse Robert Oppenheimer is talkin about. But dont get in to just the speech. Go deep and listen to the drums behind. Yes drums sampled. WTF!!!! how did they do that. and its got sounds of doom and metals clangs. this is NUCLEAR!!!


3. Burning in the Skies--------Mike can sing. Man he can......Lyrically it is powerful. the chorus is superb and gives u an idea of things to come. THE APOCALYPTIC piano is nicey progressed and ends well. Nice guitar work from BRADsomething from M2M that he does a lot more often.

MUSIC 7/10 Lyrics 7/10 Song 7.5/10

4. Empty Spaces-----People should get the idea from this interlude that it depicts humans being slaves and machines whip slashing us with MLK layered on top pf it. 7/10

5. When They Come for me------I have to admit that after the previous interlude this songs beginning dosent fit in at all. The e-booms and tribal drums are something I have never heard a Western Band put on on a record. The song provides insight into MIKE's ferocious rapping and I am sure it is a result of the AUTOMATIC process writing they implemented for this record. Nice beats and Lyrically strong. Great innovative work. Guitars absent!!!! Listen again. Sampled guitar towards the end when Chester sings Blissfully!!

Music 7/10 Lyrics 7/10 Song 8/10

6. Robot Boy--------When they come for me had the working title dingleberry. This song had the working title Robot Boy and it just stuck. Nice and cool easy goin song. A radio hit i am sure. Interpret the lrics the way u want and u will land with u not wanting to do want others want u to do. M/c vs Slaves again. Nice melody and Chester SINGS!!! The APOCALYPTIC PIANO(AP) features extensively.

Music 7/10 Lyrics 8/10 Song 7.5/10

7. Jornada Del Muerto-------Journey to death in spanish. Interlude has lyrics in Japanese. Listen to them. They can be translated into a small bridge of another song(THE catalyst). Again it is guitars sampled with AP layered on top of it. Very good Chord progression and nice climax.

Music 8/10 Song 8/10(DUH!!)

8. Waiting or the End-------- Their probable second single. The intro is really something strange that goes only if u pair it up with song 7. But great work again. Nice single key work on the AP and sampled beats. Mike raps without digital work in a funny tone and does it well. Very nice lyrics although it becomes obvious as the song goes on. HARDEST PART OF ENDIN ID STARTIN AGAIN. Damn true!!!! Chester is just brilliant here and takes his singing to another level completely. Again nice build up towards the end and an epic finish. Great innovative work again.

Music 8.5/10 Lyrics 8/10 Song 8.5/10

9. Blackout-------Only one person in contemporary music can pull of screaming without blazing guitars for backup. CHESTER BENNINGTON!!! The rap/sing/scream, although must admit is a little weird but it blends well when the chorus like part builds up. BLOOD in your EYE. That is apt for todays lifestyle. The AP is layered in the intro and it a 7 key note that is simple yet very soothing to listen and is backed up by nice progressive chords. The brilliance of the song is MR.HAHN. He has done a great job(Something he can relate it to the HT song WITH YOU). MIKE puts in great lyrics again and for me he is doin an SOS to the heavens. ROB has done great work throughput. Then u have raw guitars as well at the end. EPIC ending as well. GREAT SONG.

Music 8.5/10 lyrics 8.5/10 Song 8.5/10

10.Wretches and Kings-------Passionate singin from Chester. This had to be with an Intro speech like that. MARIO SAVIO was a great orator no doubt. Turtables are spinning and mike is rappin(the old combo). guitars are double sampled throughout the song. BRAD is a guitarist right!!!!! nice build up again and a petrified kind of ending to the song. Definately Fort Minoe influences on the song. The chorus is just 'METAL'.( Steel unload Final blow). We are slaves has been reiterated again here. Nice song again.

Music 8/10 Lyrics 7/10 Song 7.5/10

11.Wisdom, Justics & Love-------Very nice speech. One of MLK's more famous speeches. It is more apt in todays world than ever before. Check the ROBOTIC voice. Nice work Again. NAPALHM!!!!


12. Iridiscent--------Easy going song. AP in full force again. Lyrics though i must admit are pretty ordinary. An expected kind of structure. All six of em singing feels good. Nice progression again and great ending. A radio hit for sure. Not a strong point in the album.

Music 7/10 Lyrics 5/10 Song 6.5/10

13. Fallout--------Burning in the skies again. Dgitized song. Mike is the one singin btw. Probably an intro to the next song.


13. Fallout--------Burning in the skies again. Dgitized song. Mike is the one singin btw. Probably an intro to the next song.


14 The Catalyst-----First single. Ver nice video. What will you do when u know it is your last day? Yes pls God save us. techno smash with rock vibe(Finally som may say) and definately an anthem song. They played it live and did full justice to the song. Layered typr singin btween mike and chester is good. Actually alll six of em are singin. Rob steals the show toward the end. Very good stadium song. A different song from anything I have heard this past decade. its not KID A and nor is PUBLIC MACHINE or nything. the guitar is played raw during the 2nd stanza. the structure of the song is unique as well( as do many songs on this album have). Nice work by Joe at the beginning. piece o cake as he would put it. very good song.

Music 8/10 Lyrics 8/10 song 8.5/10

15. The Messenger----------I am sure one of the hardest song Chester has ever sung. Hard in terms of work and not sound. Chester must have really had a tough time to get the takes right here. But the final upshot is worth listening and a great end to an EPIC album LIFE leaves us BLIND.LOVE keeps us KIND. very good!!!! Guitar I think its chester himself. Ap features as well. Very good ending......


Album: - Lyrics 7.5/10

MUSIC 8/10

Album 8/10

The rating given on this site review is spot on......

Great Work LP and for me I have heard this album a thpusand times already. I get to know more sounds and pick up new ones still. This is a MARATHON effort!!!!! All u guys out there looking for just bangin your head to music, go bang your heads against walls. All rock'n'roll shall revolve around LINKIN PARK. HAIL LP!!!LP RULZ!!!!!

LET ATS reign the MUSIC WORLD until LP brings out the NEXT EPIC!!!!!

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Comment by Jennifer Hardy on November 19, 2011 at 8:46am

I loved ATS from start to finish. as with all their albums. I never heard a bad song from them and never will. They're that good! ;)

Comment by Rome on September 21, 2010 at 3:39am
ATS will never reign the music world....its just not that great. Your on drugs son.


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