Heey there ;)

I was so lucky to be elected as one of the lucky persons, who got to meet Linkin Park, when they came to Denmark on October the 30 in Herning. I got there 1½ hour
before the event started, and I was really, REALLY nervous about meeting Linkin
Park. To me, it was a dream come true, a day that I never thought would occur.
Therefore, the waiting was killing me. But once Corey (?) came down, and
checked us off her board, reality suddenly hit me in the back of my head, and I
realized that it was indeed true... I was about to meet the band, who’s music
I’ve always been quite attached to. I’ve listened to Linkin Park for years now,
and their music have always helped me going through the rough times and phases
of life that I’ve so far been through. I was basically a nerve wrack on the
inside, and I tried not to let it show. Once I came around the corner of the
room, where the band was sitting, I nearly froze, but I got myself pulled
together and forced my nerves in order to live this dream out. And what a
moment it was! Once I started talking with those guys, I felt calm, and it was
as if we’d known each other for years. And right as this feeling of calmness
and joy had come, I sadly had to move away from the table, as we didn’t have
more time than to just say hi and such.. (which really saddens me
:(). But boy that evening made my day, and
it really gave me a memory for life, and I sure hope to be able to repeat it in
the future, because I feel like I owe Linkin Park a whole lot!
(but that’s just me and my silliness :P).

The concert itself was mindblowing, and yet again Linkin Park was able to amaze me with they show and preformance... To me, it's all a dream that I would give anything to stay in... I love how music brings people together, and I love how Linkin Park creates music with so much soul and emotion that it totally blasts away your feet, so you have to jump in order to apprehend this wonder experience and just be a part of it :D


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