i'm Italian and on 2 november i went to Frankfurt ( in Germany) just for see you, Linkin Park. you gave me the most beautiful night in my life, i will never forget it. I remember just as yesterday very single detail of that night. I remember that i was with a friend of mine, i wanted to go to the place of the concert by the early morning even if the concert was at 20:30 but my friend didn't want. i was sooo excited that i couldn't eat and talk the whole day. We left home at 17:00 and we arrived to Frankfurt at about 17:45; we took a taxi for go to Festhalle. Then we've arrived to the place of the concert but there was so cold that my friend didn't want to stay out Festhalle so we went to a bar near there. We've left the bar few minutes before the gates' opening. Once we were inside we went to take the places of the concert. We waited about two hours for the begin of the concert. I was so excited that i couldn't think at anything, all my emotions were whole thing and my heart beat so fast as never before. When the lights went out my heart started beat much more fast than before but there weren't linkin park to sing: was another band before linkin park.About 21:30 the real show started! i have sang all their songs! but the time as passed so quickly when the concert finished i've cried so much, a bit because i didn't want to go and a bit because of all my emotions i had inside me. It was the most beautiful experience in my life and i hope so much i can do it again.

Thanks Linkin Park because you've gave me the most beautiful day of my life i hope i'll see you soon again.

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