Hey LP World,

I want to share the show I went to because it was such a great time for me that a week later I was still in it !

So the concert I've attended was in Paris (Bercy) on October 25th.

After several hours waiting in the cold, we ran into Bercy. The first part was a British band called The Futurheads. It was nice but we could clearly feel that people were here for LP and not for them !

The LPU members who attended the M&G arrived a few minutes before the beginning of the show. I can remember that they were booed : French mentality :(

And then, the show began. Mike arrived on stage with sunglasses on his nose !

The setlist was : The requiem, Wretches & Kings, Papercut, Given up, New Devide, Faint, Empty spaces, When they come for me, No more sorrow, Jordana del Muerto, Waiting for the end, Wisdom-Justice & Love, Iridescent, Numb, The radiance, Breaking the habit, Shadow of the day, Crawling, A Place for my Head, One step closer, Fallout, The Catalyst, The Messenger, In the end, What I've done and Bleed it out.

For me, the best part of the show was when LP played "A Place for my Head" for the 10 years of Hybrid Theory. First because I love this song and secondly because Mike went into the crowd and he was at about 2 or 3 meters from me. You can watch the video of "A Place for my Head" here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGKDaRmcd9E

I've also noticed a funny situation. During "In the end", Brad and Dave were at the top of the stairs (next to Rob) watching Chester and Mike who were in the crowd. They really looked like two old men with a bored attitude :)

Well, I deeply appreciate this show. I really liked to share time with LP. The crowd was awesome too !

Just sad that I couldn't attend the M&G. Next time I hope !

To conclude, I want to say a huge thank you to Brad, Chester, Dave, Joe, Mike and Rob.

If you want to see more videos or pictures of the Paris show, you can visit the French LP fan site :


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