Fear again she comes with its strong claws and ready to suck the very soul of me, fear here she comes whom I hate but is the only beloved with me all the times, See her beauty, see how is she intoxicating me, see the way she is tying me for a brutal rape, Fear do you do the same with everybody as you are doing with me or this is the special way of treatment for me, Oh Fear! Oh My beloved fear! you were always with me right from childhood till now, I know you wont leave me till death, Oh! I forgot Dear Fear Death is one of your many source, but I have one complaint, cant you be alone sometimes, always you are accompanied with one or the other, Fear of loosing, Fear of death, Fear of this, fear of that, You are never alone! Oh I see you feel weak without company. Fear Cant we break up? I am fed up, I know Fear you love me so much, but this is it, Oh Fear! you have given me lots and lots things to learn, you have taught me to live a crippled life, to live like a parasite, to live a stinking life, Oh Fear! promise, I promise I don’t have any affair with fearlessness, but I want a moment of solitude, I am tired. Please leave me alone, 

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